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NEW SunPak Propane/Natural Gas Patio Heater

NEW SunPak Propane/Natural Gas Patio Heater


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Infrared Dynamics introduces the all new SUNPAK S34-TSR with wireless remote control. The new SUNPAK TSR updates a proven product with the ease of push-button on/off and high to low versatility. Multiple heaters can be programmed to respond to a single wireless remote device up to 25 feet away. 

Each natural gas or propane TSR heats an area roughly 100 square feet.
With a high setting of 34,000 BTU to a low setting of 25,000 BTU.

Each Sunpak S34-TSR heater can learn up to three different wireless device codes and multiple heaters can be programmed to respond to a single remote control device, provided that all heater are in range of the wireless signal.

While Sunpak radiant heater are designed to work in an outdoor environment, there are considerations to it's effective use: 

Wind: heaters work best in a non-windy or wind protected environment. For example, a 5 mph steady breeze can produce a chill factor reducing the heating effectiveness by 50%. The amount of air flow across the patio is an important consideration in any patio design. Patio perimeter wind screens can make a difference in how well the Sunpak heater works. However, any wind screens (mad-made or natural hedges) show not be located within 2 feet of any heater, and should not prevent fresh air from entering or exiting the patio.

Venting Considerations: heaters are unvented, meaning that the product of combustion vent directly from the heater into the surrounding space. The venting of combustion gas must be considered whenever heaters are used in a enclosed or semi-enclosed area.

Heater Placement: The average area heated by one heater is 100 square feet or roughly a 10 ft by 10 ft area. The nominal mounting height is 9 feet. Appropriate clearness must be met above, below, and to the sides of the heater. Sunpak heaters can be mounted horizontally straight downward, or up to a 30 degree angle. When using multiple heaters, space them at least two feet apart from each other so that each heater has adequate combustion air.


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