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Propane Shop Heater

Propane Shop Heater
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Get the heat you need for your garage or workshop with our portable propane shop heaters. We have easy-to-operate models, control heat output and air flow control.

Propane shop heaters are popular for garage and mechanical shop uses because they provide the perfect amount of spot heating for such facilities. Household garages and auto repair shops frequently have many concrete surfaces and open spaces, which tends to create cold spots. When a work area is cold, it slows down productivity and usability of space. Portable propane shop heaters are a great solution for these kinds of situations. Many of our propane gas models come with an electrical cord providing you both stationary and portable versatility. All our models are all compatible with a 120V outlet, which is a universal option for all types of garages, tire shops, warehouses, and auto repair businesses.

When shopping for a heater for your shop that operates with an electrical, natural gas, or propane heat source, be sure to look only at models with thermocouple and overheating protection. This helps protect your unit and your heating space from potential hazards.

When you are in the market for a quality propane shop heater, remember one name: Advanced Systems Company. We can get you set up with the best natural gas and propane garage heaters available. If you have any questions about buying a portable heater for your shop, warehouse or restaurant, reach our heating experts online or by phone: 760-779-1352!

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