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Cooking on Your Fire Pits is Possible!

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are popular products we offer at Advanced Systems Co, especially in the winter when families and businesses use them to keep warm. However, have you considered cooking on them? Cooking on a fire pit is a rewarding and fun experience. After all, some of the best childhood memories many people have are of making s’mores over a campfire. Cooking on these fire pits is possible, and we want to show you how!


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How to Increase Your Restaurant or Bar’s Holiday Business

It is fast becoming the holiday season, and some restaurants and bars suffer attendance due to increased family festivities at home. Last month, you had Halloween festivities on your side to keep your business buzzing with new customers. With the upcoming holidays, how can you keep your business consistent with new and repeat customers? Let us help you by asking the following questions!

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