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We sell several types of natural gas patio heaters, propane patio heaters and outdoor patio heaters for both commercial and residential uses.

How do gas heaters work?

We carry patio comfort outdoor infrared patio heaters that are designed to bring warmth and comfort to your dining and entertainment events whether inside or out.

The clean and efficient draft free infrared radiant heat from the propane heater or natural gas patio heater feels just like the sun, warming people and objects, while not wasting valuable energy trying to heat air.


electric space heater

What type of heaters do you recommend?

We offer several types of heaters, from portable heaters, wall heaters, to commercial heaters.

We have outdoor patio heaters that are designed to extend the use of your outdoor patio, deck, or dinning area well into the chilly winter months and will allow heating your patio in comfort to entertain or just relax all year long.

Patio Comfort patio heaters come in four colors plus stainless steel and are priced at a very reasonable price for the outstanding quality and performance you receive from this brand of heaters.

Our sunglo propane patio heaters and natural gas patio heaters is the top of the line used for both residential and commercial patio heating. Sunglo outdoor patio heaters offer an in ground permanent mount natural heaters, portable natural gas patio heaters, portable propane patio heaters and hanging natural gas patio heaters.

Sunglo is the standard in the industry for commercial patio heating restraint patios and outdoors smoking areas as well as high-end residential patio heating uses. They also come in four colors as well as stainless steel natural or propane.


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