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5100 Series Horizontal or Vertical Suspended Fan Forced Unit Heater

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Made in the USA

  • Construction: Heavy 18 gauge welded steel cabinet with powder coated beige & brown two-tone finish. With control compartment housing a master terminal board with a hinged and latched access door, simplifying wiring, installation and maintenance.
  • Heating Element: Copper clad steel sheath element with continuously brazed steel fins formed to allow side draw through air flow.
  • Overheat Protection: All units come equipped with automatic reset type limit controls to de-energize the heater should an over-temp situation occur.
  • Louver Assembly: Louvers are individually adjustable for directional control of air flow up to 15 degrees from straight horizontal. Optional diffusers available for down flow (vertical discharge) applications.
  • Temperature Controls: Optional low voltage and line voltage thermostats available with an adjustable temperature range of 40-degree F to 110-degree F. Units with model numbers ending in CA1 are factory wired for low voltage controls. 25 KW through 50 KW units are designed for two stage heating operation.
  • Installation: Unit heaters can be mounted for Horizontal or Vertical discharge. Applications up to 6000 Ft.

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F1F5103N 3.3 KW, 11200 BTU 208V 1 Phase 15.9 AMP, F2F5103N 3.3 KW, 11200 208V 1/3 Phase 16.0/9.2 AMP, F1F5105N 5.0 KW, 17100 BTU, 208V 1 Phase, 24.4 AMP, F2F5105N 5.0 KW, 17100 BTU, 208V 1/3 Phase, 24.4/14.2 AMP, HF1B5103N 3.3/2.5KW, 112.2/8.5 BTU 240/208V 1 Phase 13.7/12.0 AMP, HF1B5105N 5.0/3.7KW, 17.1/12.8 BTU 240/208V 1 Phase 20.9/18.1 AMP

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