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Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Our stand up patio heaters with a natural gas (NG) fuel source, are a great choice for both residential and commercial outdoor patios. We carry a wide range of natural gas patio heaters.

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Patios are great places for socializing and relaxing with friends and family, and this beloved activity can now be enjoyed in the winter months thanks to natural gas patio heaters. Unfortunately, many social gatherings are forced to relocate indoors in winter, as patios become too frigid to be hospitable. As a result, most homeowners rely on natural gas patio heaters to enjoy their patios during the colder months.

Natural gas patio heaters have become an integral part of outdoor living during the winter months. Their popularity stems from their innovative technology, enabling them to generate heat efficiently even when placed in an open location with plenty of space. Patio heaters accomplish this by directing radiative energy upward into a silvered hood, which is highly effective at reflecting heat. This allows the generated heat to radiate safely into a directed cone at the bottom. Simply said, it is a heater designed to warm outdoor spaces in a safe, effective, and, most importantly, thorough manner.

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Benefits of a Natural Gas Patio Heater

Why use a natural gas patio heater instead of other alternatives like space heaters? The reasons are self-evident: For starters, a natural gas patio heater is a more efficient method of warming up outdoor spaces. Its unique shape, along with cutting-edge technology, relays heat upwards and then outwards. As a result, it can deliver substantially more heat than traditional methods.

Second, natural gas patio heaters are reasonably priced. Notably, natural gas is less expensive than traditional fuel sources, including electricity. This allows for extended usage without the risk of incurring significant energy expenses.

Finally, natural gas patio heaters enable homeowners to use their outdoor space even during the coldest months. Need to invite friends and family over for a backyard barbecue? Not an issue. This is made possible by a natural gas patio heater, which is inexpensive and efficient.

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