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Schwank Patio Heaters

Explore the restaurant patio heater line from patioSchwank! These natural gas heaters use radiant technology and can be wall mounted or suspended from ceilings for outdoor dining areas, stadiums, shopping arenas, and more.

Shop for the latest in gas, infrared heating technology right on our website. The outdoor radiant gas heaters from patioSchwank are powerful and do not require a portable propane tank. In fact, most of our radiant gas heater models have built-in gas lines or modifier connectors, making our gas patio heaters economical for restaurants, hotels, resorts, and stadiums.

The sleek bistroSchwank and supremeSchwank models provide powerful and efficientheating solutions for commercial outdoor patios. These wall-mounted outdoor heaters can heat up to 200 square feet with just one unit and can be secured with a chain or gripple express mount. Here are some details about these patoioSchwank models:

This type of outdoor patio heater is available in both single and two-stage models. A high/low switch controls the heating output and is only available with two-stage units, which can produce between 35,000 BTUs to 50,000 BTUs. bistroSchwank comes available in either black or metal finish of 316 marine-grade stainless steel and three control types: wireless remote control, patio panel, and zone switch. The largest capacity is 12 heater units per two-stage model switch.
private residential patio installation of supreme schwank heaters
The supremeSchwank models are slimmer than the bulkier bistroSchwank models while boasting many of the same features. While they are only available in black, the supremeSchwank stainless steel construction is ideal for outdoor environments. The basic single stage model can produce up to 23,000 BTUs at 30.5-inch length or 35,000 BTUs at 43.5-inch length. The two-stage design is an optional upgrade for a 48.25-inch long model with up to 50,000 BTUs and the same bistroSchwank controls will also work for the supremeSchwank. All of these gas infrared heaters are ideal for outlining the perimeter for outdoor dining areas, shopping centers, transit stations, airport terminals, and more.

To get more information on these models, pricing and shipping options, call 760-779-1352. Our patio heating experts are courteous, patient and educational on natural gas infrared heaters. Buy today and keep your customers warm!

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