Garage & Shop Heaters

Mount your gas (propane or natural gas) or electric garage heater to efficiently heat up your open space. Popular mount modes include wall or ceiling formats to tilt heat source where it’s needed.

Garages and small shops have specific heating needs because oftentimes they are open-air spaces, creating many drafty areas throughout the shop. To combat this, we offer both electric and natural gas garage heaters you need to keep warm from several leading brands, and we carry models with different operation modes to suit your needs. Our selection of shop heaters includes both the smaller, forced-air units and the longer Calcana or Schwank models. The larger heaters can be mounted overhead and either attached to the ceiling or to an adjoining wall for the best heating advantages.

The benefit of using the natural gas or propane garage and shop heaters from Schwank is the ability to adjust the unit to control the direction of the heat flow. You also have the option to turn these shop heater units on or off with a wireless remote control or wall-mounted control panel.

No matter what your specific need for garage heating, you will find the right model of shop heaters with us.

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