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680 Series “Bulldog” Fan Forced Portable Unit Heater

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  • Swivel base allows unit to be wall, floor, or ceiling mounted
  • Operates on 240 Volt or 208 Volt
  • Steel tubular heating element
  • Internal manual reset thermal cut-out
  • 6 ft long cord with molded plug
  • Single pole temperature control thermostat with 60 degree F to 110 degree F range
  • 10 ft air throw, 262 CFM

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HF684TC 4000/3000W, 13652/10239 BTU, 240/208V, 1 Phase, 16.7/14.5 Amps, 20 AMP Cord, HF685TC 4800/3600W, 16384/12288 BTU, 240/208V, 1 Phase,20.0/17.4 Amps, 30 AMP Cord, HF686TC 5600/4200W,19107/14330 BTU, 240/208V, 1 Phase, 23.4/20.2 Amps, 30 AMP Cord


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