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Let our Sunpak heaters and other great models keep you warm outside during the cold winter months.

This winter you can count on Sunpak patio heaters to make your outdoor time warm and comfortable. Sunpak outdoor heaters are just one of the many great brands you'll find at Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters, offering the internet's largest selection of propane, electric, and natural gas heaters at incredible pricing. You'll love the diversity of the products you find here, which are perfect for patio and overhead heating as well as keeping workshops and garages warm and toasty. Our products are perfect for the needs of commercial businesses and facilities as well. Our website is easy to use and our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have as you decide on the heater that is best for you.

When you visit Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters you’ll enter a world of multiple options when it comes to outdoor heating solutions. Some of the great brands we carry include but are not limited to:

There is an added advantage to buying from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters in that we service what we sell. We make the entire purchasing and shipping process as easy as can be and we make affordability and impeccable customer service our priorities. With so many choices in our inventory we feel confident in saying you’ll never have to go anywhere else for electric or gas heaters.

The more you learn about Sunpak heaters and other great brands of outdoor heaters the more you’ll want to make them a part of your patio or outdoor space. You can reach us locally at 760-779-1352 and toll-free 800-549-5077. Welcome to Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters!

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