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Propane Garage & Shop Heaters

Propane shop & garage heaters are a great solution for portable and shop heating applications. Propane (LP) garage heaters can be used in small residential garages or large commercial facilities.

Propane shop and garage heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters are a beneficial solution for heating needs. We offer a variety of models for shops and garages of all sizes that are in need of warmth. By utilizing our effective and energy-efficient propane garage and shop heaters, you can help make your residential or commercial garage or shop warmer and more comfortable.

Heating Solutions for Various Settings

At Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters, our propane (LP) gas garage & shop heaters can be used in numerous settings, such as small residential garages or extensive commercial facilities. Details on how our propane heaters can benefit these spaces include:

Large Commercial Shops & Garages

Despite the bustle and business larger shops and garages can experience on a near daily basis, these facilities can still be cold, especially during the winter months. To keep these spaces warmer and more comfortable for those working in them, we offer propane heaters that can effectively warm large areas, such as our comfortSchwank and Calcana garage heater. Depending on the scale of your commercial garage or shop, one or more heaters can help create a more comfortable environment.

Smaller Residential Garages

Commercial shops and garages are not the only spaces in need of heat during the winter. Smaller residential garages can also benefit from our selection of propane garage and shop heaters. Our effective propane gas heaters provide the warmth needed to keep these small settings comfortable while you work on your classic car or any other home project you may have.

Expert Assistance Available

AtGas Outdoor Patio Heaters, our resident heating expert Mike Workman can provide assistance in identifying a heating solution for your needs. So if you are unsure which propane gas heater will work best for a residential garage or commercial shop or garage, Mike can help find the best heater to suit your needs and space.

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Propane garage and shop heaters are available for various residential and commercial settings from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters. Contact us today for more information and receive help in identifying the right propane heater for your situation!

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