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Calcana Garage Heater CAL Modulating Model

Starts at: $2,239.00

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Add Bracket for CAL 40 Model:

Add Bracket for CAL 50-75 Model:

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This heater is more for shops, garages and warehouses or enclosed patios and patios with plastic windows and wind shades. These are ventable for locations that have little to no ventalation so you can get the gases out and keep the heat in.

Please feel free to contact us, 760-779-1352 and ask for Mike as he will be happy to help with any heater and or design assistance. 

Heater Features:

  • Inputs from 40,000 BTU/Hr to 75,000 BTU/Hr
  • Available in either natural gas or propane
  • Quite with draft free operation
  • Vents through the wall or through the roof
  • Low clearance to combustible, chart below
  • 3 try direct spark igintion system. 100% safety shut off
  • Has an 8 sided aluminum reflector
  • Comes with a thermostat and hanging kit
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use

Clearance to Combustibles

Rating Input Natural and LP Gas 0-4500ft elevation

Input (BTU/Hr)

Model                     Input                      Length

CAL-40A-10           40,000 BTU/Hr          10′

CAL-50A-15           50,000 BTU/Hr          15′

CAL-75A-20           75,000 BTU/Hr          20′

Gas Pressure at Manifold

Natural Gas                      3.5″ W.C.

Liquid Propane                 10.5″ W.C

Gas Connection Size        0.5″ N.P.T

Gas Inlet Pressure

Gas                       Minimum                  Maximum

Natural                  4.5″ W.C                  14.0″ W.C

Liquid Propane      11.5″ W.C.               14.0″ W.C

Electrical Rating

DSI Ignition     120V, 60Hz, 1 Amp         24 Volt low voltage thermostat or On/Off control

Outdoor Heater Mounting Options

Brackets work with all Calcana outdoor / indoor High output, Standard, Marine Grade natural gas or liquid propane Heaters.

Mounting options provide an overhead installation solution without compromising floor space.


Cantilever wall mount brackets extend out 25 1/2″ at a 90° angle

25 Angle:

25° Angle Brackets are ceiling mounted allowing Calcana units to be mounted at a 25° pitch.
Can be used with a 4″ extension as shown in the above picture.


Horizontal mounting allows the heaters to project straight downward. Can be used with a 4″ extension
as shown in the above picture.

25° Tilt:

Tilt brackets are 12″ long and put the heater at a 25° Tilt.

Additional information


40,000, 50,000, 75,000

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Propane

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