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Electric Patio Heaters

Check out our space-saving and affordable electric patio heaters! Both infrared and radiant quartz technology delivers consistent heat for patios, stadiums, shopping centers, auto repair shops and warehouses.

When looking for an affordable slimline look for outdoor heating, electric patio units are the way to go. They are energy-efficient and easy to operate. Many have a manual switch, and some electric outdoor patio heaters even come with a wireless remote to operate dual heat controls.

There are many installation options for electric patio heaters. For semi-permanent applications, consider a wall-mounted unit for overhead heating. If you need the heater to be portable, try our stand or tabletop options.

The benefits of electric patio heaters are not just limited to residential backyard or restaurant outdoor areas. Use them at your sports stadium, shopping center, auto repair shop, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. They deliver consistent heat using infrared technology, though we also carry some models that operate with quartz radiant heat, which is also an economical choice for outdoor applications. Find sought-after brands in electric outdoor heaters like Infratech, Bromic, Solaira, Aura, Firesense, Detroit Radiant, and more.

Ask us about other effortless heating options for your facility! We can help you create a custom patio heater solution for your needs.

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