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Patio Heaters for Corporate Events & Common Areas

Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters is a provider of high-quality outdoor patio heaters for a variety of locations and occasions across the United States, including outdoor corporate events and common areas. There’s nothing quite like a corporate event to help bring a team together. However, if your event includes an outdoor area, such as a patio, balcony, or terrace, one or more of our outdoor patio heaters can help keep you and your guests warm. The unforgiving cold can often make it difficult to enjoy an event, but with our high-end outdoor patio heaters, your event or common areas can be enjoyed indoors and out. Our heaters are state-of-the-art, versatile, and dependable. They exude a comfortable radiant heat that helps to create a welcoming environment for everyone in their vicinity.

How Do Outdoor Patio Heaters Work?

Patio heaters have become increasingly popular as more businesses utilize their rooftops, patios, and decks as recreational spaces to entertain employees and clients. Outdoor patio heaters are available in various configurations, including floor-standing, hanging, wall-mounted, and tabletop models. 

Patio heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters are available in various models that utilize different heating methods. However, the most popular outdoor patio heaters are electric and propane models. Although there are some differences between the two, both types of patio heaters effectively provide warmth for outdoor spaces, especially for common areas that are often used for breaks as well as events. 

Benefits of Using Outdoor Patio Heaters for Corporate Common Areas & Events

Patio heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters are extremely helpful devices with several considerable benefits, including: 

Take Your Corporate Event Outdoors

For the longest time, corporate events in many parts of the U.S. were primarily hosted indoors. The reasons are obvious – many months are often too cold to venture outdoors, especially for more extended periods of time. Fortunately, businesses can now rely on Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters to provide high-end patio heaters for corporate outdoor gatherings and other events, such as holiday parties. This gives you the ability to hold your important corporate events outdoors and take advantage of the breeze and fresh air. 

Do you want to enjoy the view from the rooftop? Don’t let the cold stop you. With our cutting-edge, portable patio heaters, you can enjoy your rooftop, patio, or deck, even during the coldest months of winter.

Highly Effective

The days of relying on clumsy fire pits and potentially hazardous bonfires to heat an outdoor event are over. Although these heating alternatives are still used in various outdoor situations, they have significant disadvantages. Fire pits and bonfires are inefficient and necessitate regular upkeep and attention; they can also be dangerous. A safer, more efficient solution is outdoor patio heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters. 

Patio heaters emit radiant heat using cutting-edge technology, evenly and efficiently heating their immediate surroundings. This results in better heating outcomes, less energy wastage, and safer outdoor environments. 

Energy Efficient

Businesses exist to make money and save money. Installing propane or natural gas outdoor patio heaters can be a great way to save money on energy costs while still providing much-needed heating. For instance, consider our gas patio heaters: they’re aesthetically beautiful, functional, and incredibly energy efficient, especially compared to electric options like space heaters. With one or more energy-efficient patio heaters, you can extend the duration of your outdoor corporate events or gatherings without breaking the bank.

Easy to Set Up

Patio heaters come in several options. Many of them are portable or freestanding, which allows them to easily be set up in a number of different outdoor settings. With mobile or freestanding patio heaters, you can take your corporate event to whatever outdoor location you prefer and be sure that there will be sufficient heating to keep you, your employees, and your clients warm throughout the festivities. 

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Patio heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters are ideal for a number of semi-indoor and outdoor settings across the United States, including corporate common areas and events. Our outdoor patio heaters can help make outdoor spaces warmer and more inviting, which can help make for a more fun and memorable event. Our patio heaters are highly effective, energy-efficient, and easy to install or set up. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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