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Pyramid Flame Heater – Pros and Cons

What is the difference between all the new pyramid style flame tube type patio heaters you see everywhere these days?


The Big Box stores have attempted to step into the business of Pyramid Flame heaters.  As are many of their products, these particular heaters were made specifically for them and altered to fit in small boxes for shipping. In doing this they have two piece glass fire tubes and three piece legs that make them wobbly and, in our opinion, a bit un-safe if not assembled properly.


The proper thing to do is to let a company such as Advanced Systems Co. , who are in this industry and educated in our products, show you what kind of quality units are made for us.  These are the three sided commercial pyramid flame heaters that we carry.  This heater is well priced and fairly heavy duty. This heater is not too difficult to assemble and is quite a good looking and a well built heater. Our part # is HLDS01-CGTHG in bronze color and HLDS01-CGTSS in stainless steel. This heater is a knock off of the Lava heat brand and has 41.000 btu. It will heat roughly a 10 foot circle.  NOTE:  In our first trial year of this product in the market, it became our very best seller and proved itself to be worth every penny.


The LAVA heat brand. They’re 61.000 btu and offered in many colors and various styles. Lava heat also has natural gas models as well as LP gas heaters. These outdoor heaters are built very heavy duty and even have remote controls. Lava brand is the best out there when it comes to flame tube type heaters although they’re pricey….

Customers ask all the time “Do the pyramid heaters heat as well as the standard stand-up patio heaters?”

Answer: NO they do not. We feel you lose about 20% of your heat although they have a very stylish look and can bring attention to your outside patio and attract customers to any restaurant patio.  We like to say “what they give up in heat, they make up for in aesthetics.” 

Please look over all our patio heater brands and if you don’t see what you’re looking for please call us. We at have been in the outdoor heater business for over 18 years and have vast knowledge in most every heater out there. That’s what separates us from all the big box stores and most other on line patio heater stores. WE KNOW WHAT WE SELL!!!

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