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The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us.  Take advantage of all of the great specials on Patio Heaters. is loaded with an abundance of ways to save.  Free shipping on most heaters.

From the new Firesense Flame Pyramid heater, to a commercial stainless 46k Btu standup heater.  We are sure to have the exact patio decor to warm up your holiday season.

Come now and visit us before all the deals go away!  Stand up Heaters, Table Top Heaters, Propane heaters, Natural gas Heaters, Electric Heaters, Portable Heaters, Hanging Heaters, Permanent Heaters, Pyramid Heaters, Stainless Heaters, Garage Heaters, Building Heaters!  All the best brands at your disposal: Sunpak, Sunglo, Infratech, Patio Comfort, Mr. Heater, Firesense, DCS, Calcana, Patio Pal. YOU NAME IT! WE GOT IT!

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