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We Have Electric Patio Heaters for Every Need — Including Yours!

This week’s blog is about electric patio heaters.

We sell several models of electric outdoor heaters, but our favorite is the Infratech brand. These come in several heat ranges (BTU) and voltages.

When you’re thinking about electric patio heaters,  the first thing you must determine is how much power you have available. If you’re thinking about only using your standard 110-volt outlet, keep in mind that it will only power ONE 1500-watt, 5000-btu heater. That’s not a bunch of heat — it will only cover about a 6-foot square.

If you’re thinking of heating a larger area you will need to have high voltage available , 208 or 240 volts. Most call it 220 volt, but there is a difference. It’s best to contact a licensed electrician to determine the power available.

Infratech patio heaters have several heater control switches and  heat regulators. Infratech also manufactures their own low-voltage analog controls with timers and sub-panel relay box. Also available are flush-mount recess cans that allow you to mount your heaters flush and hide them in the ceiling.

We have custom free-standing heater mounting stands that can be portable or bolt directly into the floor, and we can manufacture any custom heater mounts you might need.

All Infratech comfort outdoor heaters can be painted almost any color you might need to match the surrounding environment, but note that there is a two-week lead time and an extra charge for custom painting.

All of our electric patio heaters are infrared. Infrared heaters only warm up what their rays come in direct contact with such as your body, food and furniture.

Infratech comfort heaters come in single- and double-element models, as well as their new Slimline single-element heaters. You can choose models ranging from 1500 watts to 6000 watts.

All Infratech heaters and components are proudly made in Southern California. We at, DBA Advanced Systems Co. are very well trained on almost all electric heaters on the market today, as well as on gas heaters and propane patio heaters.

Feel free to call us at (760) 779-1352  and we can discus all of your outdoor heater needs.

We also cary the Solaira infrared brand and Aura Electric heaters as well as Firesense patio heaters and the new Heatstrip patio heaters.

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