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For over 50 years, Infratech commercial heaters have set a standard for what outdoor patio heating can be.

Now you can access the incredible line of Infratech patio heaters and provide your guests with a comfortable outdoor experience no matter the time of year. These elegant electric heaters work beautifully in a variety of settings, including restaurants, resorts and hotels, and come in a variety of different models depending on your needs. They can even become stand-up heaters with the purchase of a pole mount accessory, and feature solid state controllers for a variety of switching and controlling options. When the weather turns cold your business still has to thrive, and the key to doing so is providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy time outdoors. Given the choice people would rather be outdoors, and thanks to Infratech that option is a viable one even in cooler times of year. 

Who says that dining and enjoying leisure time outdoors is a summertime proposition only? Certainly not the team responsible for Infratech commercial heaters. These incredible products keep the outdoors in play year-round, and include:

Any company that has been in business for over a half a century is doing something right. Infratech patio heaters are in demand because they never disappoint in terms of performance, and because their low profile design makes a perfect for virtually any patio setting. Furthermore, they are available to you at extremely affordable prices. Our goal is to put our products in the hands of those that need them, and our pricing always reflects that goal.

Take the time to learn more about the many great outdoor patio heating options from Infratech, and join over a half century’s worth of satisfied customers.

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