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Solaira ICR Series Infrared Heater

Starts at: $628.00

Optional Trim Kits for Recess Application

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Heater Type:


Solaira’s ICR Series high performance, high output engineered shortwave heating technology. ICR Series heaters produce short infrared wavelength which can convert greater than 85% of consumed energy into instant, controllable, directional heat. Radiant efficiency is maximized because heat generated by Solaira heaters warms people and objects, with limited warming of the air and is virtually unaffected by air current or breezes. ICR Series heaters are designed for either wall mount or direct ceiling mount with included brackets providing flexibility in design while maximizing heater coverage.

Please Note: The ICR Series Heaters are dual voltage units meaning they can be used with either a 240V or a 208V power supply. Please note that when using with a 208V power supply the amperage will change and the wattage will be derated.

  • Weather Proof Technology
  • Clearance Requirements as low as 6” for wall mount, 4.5” for ceiling mount
  • Ceiling, Ceiling Suspended, Integrated (Recessed or Flush) or Wall mount Options
  • Commercial or Residential (Outdoor) High Output Radiant Infrared Heater
  • Mounting Angle: 45 Degree Minimum to 75 Degree Maximum
  • Electric

Engineered For:

  • High Mounting Heights
  • Recess or Flush Mount (integrated) Installation
  • Low Mounting Clearance to Ceiling

What’s Included:

  • (1) Dual Element ICR Heater
  • (2) 4.4” Brackets for Wall or Ceiling Mount Applications

What Needs to be Purchased Separately (Optional):

  • Simple On/Off Control Option with Timer
  • Full Variable Control Option up to 16 amps or 34 amps
  • Home Automation Integration Option

Additional information

Choose Model

SICR-20240L1B ICR H1  2000W, 208/240V Black. Ultra Low light Candel, SICR-30240L1B ICR H2  3000W, 208/240V Black. Ultra Low Light Candel, SICR-30240L1W ICR H2  3000W, 208/240V White. Ultra Low Light Candel, SICR-40240L1B ICR H2  4000W, 208/240V Black. Ultra Low Light Candel, SICR-40240L1W ICR H2  4000W, 208/240V White. Ultra Low Light Candel, SICR-45240L1B ICR H3  4500W, 208/240V Black. Ultra Low Light Candel, SICR-60240L1B ICR H3  6000W, 208/240V Black. Ultra Low Light Candel, SICR-60240L1W ICR H3  6000W, 208/240V White. Ultra Low Light Candel

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