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Thermostats and Controls

Upgrade or replace your outdoor patio heater operation controls. Find the thermostat you need for your electric or propane/gas patio heater. Please note that some options are brand specific, and others are universal. Contact us for same day shipping!

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  • Variable Heat Controller - VHC15

    Not rated yet

    445948 UPC, 208/240V, 15 Amp, (w. Positive Off), 3 Depth, 5 Width, 5 Height, 3 Lbs

    • $135.68
  • SCR Controller - 18D-2-30CF Open

    Not rated yet

    445634 UPC, 26-Amp MAX,No Enclosure, 6 Depth, 6 Width, 9 Height, 11 Lbs

    • $979.20
  • SCR Controller - 18D-2-30CF - Enclosed

    Not rated yet

    445641 UPC, 26 Amp MAX, Enclosure Included, 8 Depth, 10 Width, 12 Height, 15 Lbs

    • $1306.24
  • SCR Controller - 18D-2-80CF - Enclosed

    Not rated yet

    445658, 80 Amp MAX,Enclosure Included, 8 Depth, 12 Width, 14 Height, 29 Lbs

    • $2122.24
  • UT Series Universal Thermostats - UT

    Not rated yet

    Vertical or horizontal mounting, heat only model with millivolt setting

    • $16.64
  • RK Series Thermostats - RK

    Not rated yet

    Heat only 24V millivolt models,No leveling required

    • $16.00
  • Low Voltage Relays - 24A-

    Not rated yet

    Transformer for remote mounting or in a factory provided optional enclosure.

    • $167.04
  • Line Voltage Thermostats - T4398A1021

    Not rated yet

    503303 UPC,Precision Electric Heating Thermostat. SPST -T4398A1021

    • $51.84
  • Solaira Variable Heat Controller

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    The Solaira Variable Heat Controller is a weatherproof, digital, solid-state power control designed to provide a convenient way to adjust heat output on electric infrared heating elements. It allows for adjusting heat output of the appliance from 10 to 100% of the available power. The control is simple and intuitive with the on/off switch that will turn the heater on to the last power setting when it was turn off and the SOFT START•  feature will bring the power up slowly to the emitter adding an estimated 15% to the emitter life. The up/down controls are simple to use and the heater level is shown on the LED front panel.

    The Solaira Variable Heat Controller is engineered for•  installation in both indoor or outdoor applications including wet environments. The controller can be used to control heaters on outdoor applications including patios, outdoor structures and pergolas as well as all indoor applications.

    The controller is designed to control the following heating configurations:

    • 115- 120 VAC up to 1600 Watt, Quartz Emitter (lamp) OR Tube technology
    • 208- 240 VAC up to 3200 Watt, Quartz Emitter (lamp) OR Tube technology


    • On/Off switch
    • Controllable heat settings from 10 to 100%.
    • Wall or post mounted, requires a 4"• x 4" electrical wall box would mount
    • Accommodates standard 1/2"•  conduit hardware
    • Controller will operate
      - One (1) quartz lamps totaling up to 1600W at 115 to 120VAC
      - One (1) quartz tube totaling up to 1600W at 115 to 120VAC
      - One (1) or two (2) quartz lamps totaling up to 3200W at 208 to 240VAC
      - One (1) or two (2) quartz tubes totaling up to 3200W VAC

    Caution: All quartz lamps have a high en-rush that can be as high as 15 times the steady state current. For this reason, the maximum number of appliances is two (2) of up to1600W at 208/240V and one (1) of up 1600W at 115 to 120VAC. Any higher wattages could damage the control.

    • $648.00
  • SMaRT Solaira Timer

    Not rated yet

    SMaRT 40 and 60 Push Button Timer Solaira, aura

    • $248.00
  • Solaira SMaRT Occupancy (Motion) Control SMRTOCC

    Not rated yet

    SMaRT Occupancy Monitor Controller for Solaira

    For outdoor or indoor applications, Built in user settable temperature, SPE-1000 listed.

    • $298.00
  • SMaRT Handheld Solaira IR Remote

    Not rated yet

    For use with only the Solaira SMaRT Digital Variable Controller. IR Remote offers a simple and convenient means to manage your indoor/outdoor electric infrared heaters. IR signal reaches up to 30 feet

    • $108.00
  • Solaira Occupancy (Motion) Sensor

    Not rated yet

    Solaira Occupancy (Motion) Sensor

    • $158.00
  • Single Phase Remote Rain Tight Thermostat TW Series

    Not rated yet

    TW Series Thermostats - Single Phase Remote Rain Tight

    • $150.40
  • INFRASAVE 2 STAGE Control Illumanated Switch Gangs

    Not rated yet

    Schwank INFRASAVE 2 STAGE Control Illuminated Switch Gangs

    • $82.45