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Commercial Heating Solutions: Where to Use Gas Fired Commercial Outdoor Heaters

As a leading source for commercial heaters, we strive to meet the needs of a large variety of businesses. Take a look to see how we can meet your heating needs today!

For Restaurants: Overhead infrared outdoor heaters means more tables can be turned for better branding and bigger profits. Outdoor heaters also help to keep the aisles clear, resulting in swifter table service and increased overall dining comfort. Choose between a mounted gas or propane outdoor heater. And best of all, outdoor ceiling/wall mounted gas heaters never have to be handled by your staff!

For Municipalities: Infrared outdoor heaters are an affordable investment creating a more liveable city that boosts public use and the city’s reputation. Your fellow citizens will thank you for it.

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For Commercial Centers: Infrared outdoor heaters help draw people in, keeping them longer and boosting the commercial value of your property.

For Contractors, Engineers and Designers: Infrared outdoor heaters can provide you with fresh ideas and new projects that will make your customers warm and tingly all over.

For Stadium Operators: Infrared outdoor heaters provide spectators with sensible comfort; fans can be heated for less than 5 cents per game.

All of these locations benefit from customers and patrons being comfortable. You increase the overall sales by increasing the maximum capacity from the extra room made available on the USABLE patio.

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