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How Much Extra Revenue Do Patio Heaters Provide Restaurants?

In the dining hospitality business, every seat is a potential source of revenue. That is why it is important to invest in certain accommodations to lengthen the usability of your outdoor spaces. For example, when a restaurant, bar or hotel provides patio heaters, it creates a warmer environment for patrons even when outdoor temperatures are chilly. The same can be said for outdoor patio misting systems when temperatures reach uncomfortably warm levels.

It is an important point to make your patrons comfortable. Making smart investments in outdoor patio heating and cooling, as well as the layout of the space, can directly translate into serious revenue for your business. Say that each patron spends an average of $25 per stay and that you have six tables that seat four on your patio. Since temperatures fluctuate, and some guests may not want to dine outdoors, it will be rare that you have full capacity. During the winter months, most places are usually at no more than half capacity. During the length of the winter season (90 days), you could see more than $1,000,000 profit.

By turning on your infrared wall- or ceiling-mount heaters, you create a private and warm dining experience for your patrons. Imagine if your table turns sat more people than in the example figure.  This is how much revenue your restaurant could be missing out on by not providing outdoor patio heaters!

Which Type of Patio Heater is Best for My Restaurant?

Most restaurant managers see great success with the wall- or ceiling-mount patio heaters, while others enjoy the convenience of a portable natural gas or propane stand-up heater. All three platforms are available in natural gas, propane gas and electric heat sources. The latest in infrared heating technology is also quite economical for outdoor dining areas. No matter what your preference is, there is a heating solution to extend the use and enjoyment of your outdoor dining space.

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