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How to Increase Your Restaurant or Bar’s Holiday Business

It is fast becoming the holiday season, and some restaurants and bars suffer attendance due to increased family festivities at home. Last month, you had Halloween festivities on your side to keep your business buzzing with new customers. With the upcoming holidays, how can you keep your business consistent with new and repeat customers? Let us help you by asking the following questions!

How interactive is your patio space?

Interaction is what people intend to find whenever they visit your top-notch restaurant or bar. If you do not allow areas for social interaction, then you could be losing a good percentage of your potential new and repeat customers. We have provided some great ideas for your patio space below:

  • Install a conversation piece such as interesting metal art or a decorative fire pit
  • Have a local steel or wood company provide a long narrow table to extend your patio’s width to serve as an arm rest for smokers or as a gathering area for friends
  • Continue the entertainment outdoors with baristas to refresh drinks, music speakers and even TVs depending on your venue’s specialty (ie. sports bar)

How do you cater to your audience’s comfort levels?

If your regulars and new visitors are not comfortable at your business, they will seek other places that do cater to their needs. Here are some ideas to make your guests comfortable with every area of your venue:

  • Consider the difference between commercial patio heaters and stand up patio heaters for your space. Commercial ones are designed to heat up an entire space for chilly evenings, whereas the stand up types are best for single spaces of drafty areas
  • Consider a misting system for those hot summer days and evenings!
  • Select comfortable chairs with appropriate heights to your indoor tables
  • If you want people to also use your bar’s patio space, consider appropriate oversized furniture for comfortable conversation; if you have a restaurant patio space, be considerate with table and chair spaces between diners, and choose outdoor furniture that will not appear dirty even when cleaned
  • Don’t forget the bathrooms! The late night crowd and those on dates prefer large vanities and proper working facilities at any restaurant and bar

Do you offer any holiday specials?

Some just do not want the hassle of cooking and entertaining at home. This is a prime opportunity to key into your regulars and attract new business. Here are some ideas:

If you are a restaurant, offer holiday menu specials with meals exclusive to the season

  • Bars can benefit from themed evening events for social interaction, whether it’s an ugly holiday sweater party or dress up as a holiday character night
  • Both venues can also be creative with season-specific drink menu items

The holidays do not have to destroy your restaurant or bar’s business during the fourth quarter. Be creative and remember to key into the core comfort levels of your audience! If you need more advice for heating solutions designed for restaurants or bars, fill out our contact form today!

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