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Its patio heater time once more.

First i would like to introduce our newest web site. , Please take the time to check it out. It has all the latest electric patio heaters, gas patio heaters, propane heaters as well as bbq grils, misting systems and patio furniture of all types, patio everything is just that. We have a very large selection of everything patio. Please look over our all new site for this winter’s electric heaters. We now have the new platinum electric heat strip heaters, very stylish also very simple install. We also have the new Infratech SL-Series INFRATUBE Quartz Radiant Outdoor Heater and the classic Infratech Comfort Heat Quartz Radiant Heaters. These are the finest electric patio heaters on the market.  I would also like to introduce the all new LAVA HEAT AND OPUS  pyramid tube style heaters. Very attractive and now has 51.000 btu . We now carry the new BROMIC  gas heater, It has an all new look and is a bit retro looking, Check it out on our natural gas heater page.  And as usual, we cannot forget to tell you about our CALCANA gas patio heaters. We have them in stock in natural gas and propane models you can see them on our natural gas heater page on all our sites. Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs and please check out all of our patio heater web sites and look over our new electric heaters.

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