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The New TSR & SST Heaters From Sunpak Are IN!

We are exited about the new line up of Sunpak wall and ceiling mount patio heaters. We are all familiar with the Classic Black and Stainless Steel Sunpak heaters that are everywhere. Most restaurant patio heaters are Sunpak heaters.

In the new line up we are proud to be one of the few dealers that carry the new SST and TSR Sunpak heater. The SST and TSR heaters have an all-new look and features like rounded stainless grill that brings out a new style to the classic Sunpak heater. The TSR has a wireless wall mounted remote control, a hand held remote, and the all-new TSR also is two-stage heater. 25.000 btu low and 34.000 btu high, one of the only heaters on the market that provides these features.

Plus these are manufactured in Southern California MADE IN THE USA!

We also have special pricing for orders of six or more.

Please see our sites or call for more info on our patio heater line up.

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