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Prepare for Your Heating Needs Before Thanksgiving!

Does the fall season entail more family gatherings for you? For many households, spending time with family on the patio is a regular occasion, from gathering for traditional Sunday lunches to feasting on Thanksgiving dinner, to simply enjoying the cooler weather or watching an outdoor game of football. Evenings are getting chillier as we transition into fall and winter, so it is only appropriate that you are prepared with a portable patio heater to provide adequate heat for your outdoor guests!

The same could be said for restaurants and bars throughout the nation. Many restaurant or bar patrons like to take a break from the dining room or the dance floor and sit outdoors. Wall-mounted patio heaters can provide just the right amount of heat to counter any cold wind outdoors while allowing your guests to enjoy the breather.

Advanced Misting Systems is a helpful source for advising you in how to prepare for these needs. We know what people look for in a patio heater, and why they use them! Take a look at the following questions to see how we can help you!

Why are there several kinds of patio heaters?
Depending on where a patio heater will be placed, you have the choice of three types of set ups:

  • Electric – stationary or portable unit uses an outlet plug
  • Natural gas – stationary unit with a gas line hookup
  • Liquid propane — tank is portable to move with the unit

Where are electric heaters common?
Electric patio heaters are great for restaurants, bars, rooftop areas, outdoor shopping centers and even sports stadiums! Because these units can be wall mounted to the ceiling or to the desired height on a wall, they can be controlled via remote and/or switch with temperature control settings!

Which is heater type is better for a backyard patio?
Fixed or portable heaters can be great additions to backyard patios, though which of those you choose will be dependent on the size of the patio and the use it will receive. Of course, portable is a popular choice because it is able to be moved to the areas it is needed. However, if you are planning on keeping the heater stationary, you may not want to deal with regulators and tanks. For those who want more of an easy and permanent heating source, we recommend natural gas patio heaters because they utilize the home’s natural gas lines and do not require gas refills or tank regulation.

Why are you talking about patio heaters before Halloween?
The key is preparation. Your guests will expect you to be able to accommodate their comfort needs as we head closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. By purchasing and installing a patio heater ahead of time, you will be able to exceed their expectations when asked!

Patio heaters have become a prerequisite, so to speak, for homes and for businesses. Prepare now before the frosty evenings begin, and you can focus more on your guests or patrons when they visit your space.

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