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Heater Season is Almost Here!

Do you have a patio heater on your deck or patio? Is it ready for the colder weather? It is time to test it out. You don’t want to discover it won’t work on the first cold night of the season, when you have a patio full of people who are cold. Follow these steps to ensure your heaters are in tip top shape.

1. Clean off any visible dirt and debris. Ideally, you have had a cover over your heater during the off season, but if you did not, there may be a fair amount of dirt to clean up. You also need to make sure there are not any insects making your heater its home. Look in and around the burner head, under the base and inside the propane tank housing.

2. Check the regulator and visible hose for any obvious wear and tear. Replace any parts that are cracked or “dried out.”

3. Check the propane tank itself. When the cylinder is refilled, have the supplier check for dents, damage, rust or leaks. DO NOT USE a propane cylinders that has any of these defects.

4. Once you get the full, undamaged propane tank connected to the regulator and in place, attempt to turn the unit on and light it. If it was covered, it will probably light right up. If not, you may find that the unit won’t start. Sometimes spiders will make the small gas tubes their homes and clog the tubing. You can attempt to clean these out with compressed air. This will (hopefully) clear up the issue. If this action does not work, you may need to call us to get some more in-depth assistance.

5. That being said, if your heater is in need of parts, we offer many of the necessary parts for DIY heater repairs and service.

Follow these steps to ensure that when you are ready to use your Gas Fire Patio Heater, you are not left out in the cold.

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