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Schwank Patio Heaters

We are happy to be able to showcase the Schwank Patio Heaters we integrated as part of the outdoor temperature control system designed for the new Whole Foods Palm Desert.

In addition to the Cooling Mist System designed by Advanced Misting Systems, we utilized a number of Schwank Natural Gas Patio Heaters to combat the cold and keep the outdoor dining areas usable throughout the winter months in our cold desert.

Special mounting hardware was designed to keep the aesthetic in line with the designers’ vision for the patios.

Schwank Heaters are just one of the options available to us when we design a heating system for a home or commercial patio. A number of factors are considered when determining what type of heater is best for you. We have trained professionals who can take the guess work out of the process. Call or email us today to discuss what type of outdoor patio heater is going to be most effective.

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