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Why a Patio Heater is a Must-Have for Your Home This Winter

A patio heater from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters is a thoughtful gift you can give yourself or your loved ones this winter. If you enjoy spending time outdoors but feel limited by the biting cold and frosty temperatures, purchasing and installing a patio heater from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters makes perfect sense. Our outdoor patio heaters are practical, lightweight, and affordable. They are also easy to install and require little to no maintenance. If unsure of anything, our in-house support expert Mike is always on standby to lend a hand. This post will discuss the inherent benefits of installing a patio heater.

Extend Your Time Outdoors

Patios are ideal for preparing meals, hosting friends, and simply relaxing. But cold weather can seriously hamper this. Heating your patio with an outdoor heater can allow you to enjoy the space and extend your outdoor entertaining season.

More Cost-Efficient Than Other Heating Methods

There has always been debate about whether outdoor patio heaters are competitive when it comes to energy efficiency. But patio heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters have been shown to provide heating at a fraction of the cost of using other alternative methods such as space heaters or modern firepits. For instance, a natural gas patio heater offers a great return on investment. Propane heaters are also energy efficient.

A More Effective Heating Method

Many people still use traditional heating methods for outside parties and relaxation, such as fire pits and bonfires. But these aren’t particularly well-known for their ability to generate significant amounts of heat. The same can be said of space heaters which blow hot air which quickly dissipates into the surrounding space. 

Patio heaters, on the other hand, emit radiant heat. Thanks to their highly innovative technology and design, outdoor patio heaters are one of the most effective exterior heating sources. Take, for instance, the dome-shaped top of stand-up propane heaters: it ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the patio in a horizontal manner due to the presence of openings along the edges of the dome. This provides a more even heat distribution.

Easy to Assemble & Install

Except for the more advanced electric models, the average homeowner can assemble and install the patio heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters. Our equipment comes with a detailed operating manual and all of the composite parts required for it to function. As a result, it’s entirely possible to have the patio heater working in less than an hour after unboxing. This saves you time and money since you don’t have to hire a professional installer unless you do not have the necessary time to complete the task yourself. 

Outstanding Support

Our more sophisticated patio heaters may necessitate the assistance of a professional for assembly and installation. But that is no problem at all. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are skilled at providing phone support to your contractor on the installation. We do everything we can to help ensure that your patio heater is installed correctly and in the proper area.

Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters is well-known for providing excellent customer service and assistance. We don’t abandon our customers after the sale; instead, we support them on their journey throughout the entire process. Whether you’re doing it yourself or if you hired a contractor to do the installation we are happy to help with any questions you have to assist you in getting up and running in a short period. And if you are local, let us know and we would be happy to quote out installation pricing for professional installation by our team of experts.

Availability of Parts & Accessories

Need to replace or repair a part? No problem. Our warehouse stocks a vast array of patio heater parts and accessories. These include parts for all types of outdoor heaters, such as tall outdoor heaters, glass tube patio heaters, and tabletop warmers. We also stock miscellaneous accessories, such as glass tube covers, touch-up paint, and regulators and switches specific to particular brands. 

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