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Bromic Eclipse Electric Pendant Dimmer Control


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SKU: BH3230007-1

The Bromic heating Wireless Dimmer Controller can dim the lighting and heating output over a percentage gradient to create the perfect ambiance, every time. You will be able to control your heat output from high to low at 0%, 33%, 66%, and 100%. Lights can be dimmed up or down in 1% increments.

This dimmer is ONLY compatible with the Eclipse Pendant Series and is NOT compatible with any other Bromic Gas or Electric Heaters.

  • Ability to regulate the heat output from high to low settings
  • 0% – both elements OFF
  • 33% – Only smaller element ON
  • 66% – Only larger element ON
  • 100% – Both elements ON
  • Dim the integrated LED light on the pendant from 0-100%
  • Light can be dimmed in 1% increments
  • Black finish

How it Works

  • You will need to purchase (1) Pendant Control per pendant
  • The handheld remote control that is included will pair with the Pendant Control
  • Each Pendant Control comes with a corresponding handheld remote control
  • The remote control has the function to dim both the heating elements and the LED light independent of one another

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