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Bromic Eclipse Heater Mounting Arms

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These Bromic mounting arms are made with premium double coated steel with a matte black finish. Mounts come in a variety of sizes and shapes, please see below.

Mounts to be used with Bromic Electric Eclipse heaters. Heater(s) not included and sold separately.

  • 8” Straight Ceiling Pole allows your Eclipse heater to be installed as close to the ceiling as possible, while still meeting minimum clearance requirements.
  • 24” Straight Ceiling Pole is perfect for anyone who is looking for a more minimal version of our standard 24” Twin Pole.
  • 24” Twin Straight Ceiling Pole is provided complimentary with every Eclipse Electric heater head.
  • 48” Straight Ceiling Pole is great for places with high ceilings, this 48” straight pole will make sure your Eclipse heater can be lowered to the ideal height of around 8 ft.
  • 24” Curved Ceiling Pole Makes a statement and is uniquely shaped to ensure your Eclipse heater will turn any ceiling into a focal point.
  • Wall Mount Pole allows your Eclipse heater to be easily mounted on walls and structures.

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Eclipse Electric 8” Straight Ceiling Pole, Eclipse Electric 24” Straight Ceiling Pole, Eclipse Electric 24” Twin Straight Ceiling Pole, Eclipse Electric 24”Curved Ceiling Pole, Eclipse Electric 48” Straight Ceiling Pole, Eclipse Wall Mount Pole

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