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Electric Garage Heater Buyers Guide

The Complete Guide To Electric Garage Heaters and How They Work

Electric garage heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters are an exceptional choice for people in the United States who want to keep their garages warmer and more comfortable without using expensive fuels like gas or propane. Instead, our electric garage heaters rely on electricity to produce radiant heat, which can often be cheaper than gas or propane. In this buyer’s guide, we will address what electric garage heaters are, how they work, their advantages, and offer some information on many of our high-quality electric garage heating products.

Read on to learn more about our first-rate electric garage heating solutions!

Why You Need an Electric Garage Heater

An electric garage heater is a fantastic way to heat your garage, especially during the colder months of the winter. While some may only consider the garage as a place to park cars, there is no debating that the garage is one of the most important parts of a home. In addition to parking cars and storing their accessories, it is often the place where most homeowners store tools and several other things that are needed for a healthy work-life balance. As a result, many Americans spend a great deal of time in their garage: working on projects, their car, and more! However, it can be challenging to keep this space warm in the winter, which is why having a garage heater is essential.

There are many benefits to installing an electric garage heater, but the top benefits are warmth, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. An electric garage heater will provide warmth on even the coldest days, which is especially beneficial if you live in an area with a long winter season. Electric garage heaters are also very convenient to use. You can simply turn it on and off as needed, and there is no need to worry about wood, coal, gas, or propane. Lastly, electric garage heaters are highly cost-effective. They can help you save money on your heating bill and will last for many years with proper care.

Types of Electric Heaters and How They Work

There are many different types of electric heaters on the market, including electric garage heaters. Each type of electric heater works differently and has its own pitfalls and benefits. For example, some heaters use a fan to blow heated air into an area, while others use radiant heat panels that release infrared energy.

The three main types of electric garage heaters include:

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are one of the most common types. They work by heating the air around a space via a series of heating elements. These heaters are effective and reliable. However, the speed at which they can warm an area is a source of common critiques. Many convection heaters will take longer to heat a space than infrared heaters and often require more energy.

Forced Air Heaters

Forced air heaters are also common, especially as garage heaters. A forced-air system can be used to efficiently heat a garage. In comparison to infrared heaters, forced air heaters are available in a broader range of sizes and price points. These heaters use electricity to heat a wire mesh or coil. A fan then forces warmed air into an area, raising the temperature of the affected space.

3 different types of garage heaters

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters provide quick, efficient heating. Often, when it comes to electric garage heaters, these heaters are a welcome benefit because it is often more efficient than forced-air heating or convection heating. Infrared garage heaters do not require much waiting for the heat to circulate. The electric lamp mechanisms used by infrared heaters convert electricity into radiant heat quickly. In addition, the lack of a fan or moving parts helps infrared heaters remain exceptionally quiet, even while in operation. Even if the bulbs buzz or hum, infrared heaters are still quieter than heaters powered by fans.

Installing an Electric Garage Heater

Before you order and install an electric garage heater, it is necessary to determine your unique heating needs. You should ask yourself how hard it will be to keep your garage warm in the winter. Having a low-cost heater in your garage can seem like a good idea, but you must keep in mind how cold it gets where you live, how ample your space is, and if you have enough insulation. Depending on these factors, some heaters may not be able to sufficiently warm your space.

Preparing Your Garage

Before investing in a heater, it is crucial to check if your garage is properly insulated. If at all possible, insulating the garage doors, walls, and ceilings can help keep heat in. If your garage has cracks or openings, warm air can escape. As a result, your heater will need to work harder to give you the warmth you desire, which can cause you to spend more on electricity.

Important safety considerations will be something to give extra attention to. Consider where the heater is being installed. Proper ventilation for your garage is a necessity for any inclosed space. Review your set up ensuring that you have safe working conditions. Ensuring that all flammable materials are kept well away from your new electric garage heaters.

It is always a good idea to adhere to common standard safety measures in your garage in general such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, keeping a fire extinguisher on hand, and/or fire blankets to snuff out potential fires. Further child proofing and pet proofing materials that they might get into, keeping them well out of reach. Also, consult your regional zoning and safety recommendations for your area. While most of these things are not a concern for adding heat to your garage it is a good idea to always set your garage up with safety in mind. And for added safety considerations our manufacturers build in many safety features in the electric heaters.

Which Heater is Best?

Electric garage heaters come in a variety of configurations with different heating methods and price points. Consider whether convection, forced air, or infrared heating is best for you. Then, consider whether you want the heater to be installed onto a ceiling or wall in a certain area, or if you would like the freedom and mobility of a portable heater. Both options can be effective for heating garages. It simply depends on your unique heating needs.

Electric Garage Heaters

At Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters, we have a variety of electric garage heaters available for order, including convection, forced air, and infrared. Our many electric garage heating options are sorted below by type:

Wall and Ceiling-Mounted Electric Garage Heaters

Wall and ceiling-mounted electric garage heaters have a wider range of prices than our portable options. However, these models are easy to install and require no setup and take down between uses. They also utilize highly effective infrared heating far more often than portable heaters. These options include:

Multi-Watt, Fan-Forced Unit Heater

This multi-watt, fan-forced electric heating unit allows for horizontal or vertical discharge and features a pivot-action mount, allowing it to tilt at different angles from where it is installed. This heater is available in several options that work with different wattages, BTUs, volts, and amps. Each of them features a steel cabinet with a powder coat finish. They can also be ordered with a pre-installed disconnect switch for an additional fee.

Heatwave Wall/Ceiling Mount Electric Salamander

This version of Heatwave Electric Salamander is one of our most expensive wall or ceiling-mounted electric garage heaters. However, it is also one of our most powerful and features numerous benefits. This model features effective fan-forced heating with a thermostat adjustment of 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features an automatic reset as well as a yellow heating enclosure with safety screens on both sides. This unit is easy to install and comes with the option of a 25-foot-long power cord.

Multi-Watt, Fan-Forced Unit Heater Heatwave, Wall/Ceiling Mount Electric Salamander, HIL-1531 Dual Bulb Wall Mount Infrared Heat Lamp garage heaters

HIL-1531 Dual Bulb Wall Mount Infrared Heat Lamp

This wall-mounted infrared heater utilizes two hi-output heating bulbs to generate radiant heat. Though this heater is not much larger than #1, it is capable of heating up to 15 square feet. It also features two settings at 900 and 1500 watts and a remote control. Likewise, this heater is ideal for heating smaller spaces in a garage, like near a workbench.

HF5848TC Wall/Ceiling Mount Garage Heater

As a wall or ceiling-mount heater, this electric garage heater provides greater options for placement within a space. This heater features a steel tubular heating element that is capable of raising the temperature in an area by 43 degrees Fahrenheit. This heater also features a temperature control thermostat and an overheat alarm.

Mul-T-Mount Brown Enamel Mount Infrared 2 Lamp Series

This Mul-T-Mount electric garage heater features a compact design and powerful heating capabilities. There are a number of options with this model, mainly dependent on the voltage and degree symmetrical. The voltage options range from 208 to 480 volts, while the degree symmetrical ranges from 30 to 90 degrees. Each option comes in a brown enamel finish and is highly durable, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mul-T-Mount Sterling Silver Infrared 2 Lamp Series

Like the previous Mul-T-Mount ceiling-mounted heater, this similar infrared heater comes in a wide variety of options depending on voltage and degree symmetrical. However, these electric garage heaters, in particular, are helpful for snow and ice control and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are highly durable and feature a sterling silver finish.

Portable Electric Garage Heaters

Our portable electric garage heaters give you greater flexibility in where you want to set up your heater and work or relax in your home’s garage. These heaters rely on powerful forced-air heating and include:

Fan-Forced Portable Unit Heater – HF

Our fan-forced portable unit heater is available in three configurations, which vary in heating power. The most affordable model provides anywhere from 10,239 to 13,652 BTUs of heating power while the most expensive provides anywhere from 14,330 to 19,107 BTUs of heating power. Each model offers 10 feet of air throw with its fan. These models also feature a mounting bracket, making them capable of being mounted to floors, walls, or ceilings. However, they can also remain portable because they only weigh 20 pounds.

Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander with Cord

Much like the wall or ceiling-mounted electric Salamander, this Heatwave heater uses fan-forced air to warm spaces in a garage. However, this model features two 10-inch wheels, giving it the ability to be moved around and provide heating in different areas. It also comes with a power cord.

Fan-Forced Portable Unit Heater - HF, Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander with Cord, Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander 51,000 - 102,000 BTUs, Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander 153,000 BTUs
    garage heaters

Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander 51,000 – 102,000 BTUs

This next level of Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander is available in a number of options, which vary primarily on amps but also voltage and heating power. This heater also features 10-inch wheels for portability. However, it has a wide range of heating power depending on your needs. It can also be sold with an optional 25-foot-long power cord.

Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander 153,000 BTUs

For heavy-duty heating, this Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander model is here to help! This durable yellow heater is capable of producing up to 153,000 BTUs of heat, which can assist in heating indoor and outdoor spaces effectively. Although it is more commonly used in commercial settings, this powerful heater can also help in heating larger residential garages. It features three wheels for mobility and can help raise temperatures in its affected area by up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Floor Heater

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