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Detroit Radiant RH Series High Intensity Gas Fired Infrared Tube Heaters


The RH Series Heaters are the best in this class of industrial heaters. First choose Burner Head Model, then choose between Aluminized Tube & Reflector Packages or Hot-Rolled Tube Reflector Packages. Then choose gas type, Natural or Propane.

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The RH Series Heaters are the best in this class of industrial heaters.

Featuring direct spark ignition with a wide variety of tube packages
makes the RH economical while maintaining quality.
Burner combinations from 50,000 to 175,000 BTU/h inputs are available.
RH Series heaters are available in 20 Ft. to 60 Ft. tube lengths.

Product Specs–

  • 50-175 MBTU/H: BTU/H range
  • 20-60 ft. Length
  • Tube:4″ dia. black coated aluminized or titanium
  • Radiant Tube:4″ dia. hot-rolled steel
  • Electrical: 120V AC, 60Hz, 3-try spark ignition, 1.7amp startup.

Aluminized Tube & Reflector Packages [ACTP] * TUBE & REFLECTORS ARE SOLD SEPERATELY*

Packages Include:

Corrisponding quantity of Aluminum reflectors.
All Aluminized and Titanium stabilized steel tubes are black.

Tube heater burners include:

  • Burner control box
  • Turbulator Baffles

Installation Kit includes:

  • Hangers
  • Stainless Steel Flexible gas connector
  • Gas shut-off
  • Reflector end caps and clips

Tube packages includes:

  • Corresponding quantity of aluminim reflectors
  • All Aluminized and titanium stabilized steel tubes are black coated. Hot-rolled steel tubes are uncoated. 
Burner Model NumberGas TypeBTU/hTypical Mounting HeightTube LengthAluminized Tube Package Options (sold seperately)Hot-Rolled Tube Package Options (sold seperately)Ship Weight
RH 50-20N or P50,00010 to 15 Ft.20 Ft.TPK-HTPK-B41 lbs.
RH 50-30N or P50,00010 to 16 Ft.30 Ft.TPK-ITPK-D43 lbs.
RH 50-40N or P50,00010 to 16 Ft.40 Ft.TPK-JTPK-E45 lbs.
RH 75-20N or P75,00013 to 20 Ft.20 Ft.TPK-HTPK-B41 lbs.
RH 75-30N or P75,00013 to 20 Ft.30 Ft.TPK-ITPK-D43 lbs.
RH 75-40N or P75,00013 to 20 Ft.40 Ft.TPK-JTPK-E45 lbs.
RH 100-30N or P100,00015 to 23 Ft.30 Ft.TPK-ITPK-D43 lbs.
RH 100-40N or P100,00015 to 23 Ft.40 Ft.TPK-JTPK-E45 lbs.
RH 100-50N or P100,00015 to 23 Ft.50 Ft.TPK-J and TPK-GTPK-E and TPK-A47 lbs.
RH 125-40N or P125,00015 to 25 Ft.40 Ft.TPK-JTPK-E45 lbs.
RH 125-50N or P125,00015 to 25 Ft.50 Ft.TPK-J and TPK-GTPK-E and TPK-A47 lbs.
RH 125-60N or P125,00015 to 25 Ft.60 Ft.TPK-J and TPK-HTPK-E and TPK-C49 lbs.
RH 150-40N or P150,00016 to 30 Ft.40 Ft.TPK-KTPK-F45 lbs.
RH 150-50N or P150,00016 TO 30 Ft.50 Ft.TPK-K and TPK-GTPK-F and TPK-A47 lbs.
RH 150-60N or P150,00016 to 30 Ft.60 Ft.TPK-K and TPK-HTPK-F and TPK-C49 lbs.
RH 175-50N or P175,00017 to 35 Ft.50 Ft.TPK-K and TPK-GTPK-F and TPK-A47 lbs.
RH 175-60N or P175,00017 to 35 Ft.60 Ft.TPK-K and TPK-HTPK-F and TPK-C49 lbs.

Ordering Note:
Model Number Format
RH-(BTU)-(Gas Type)-(Tube Length)Example: RH-150N-40

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