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Infratech Contactor Panels

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Infratech’s Contactor Panel with Digital Timer enhances the Value Control Options by adding the functionality of timer capabilities to simple on/off switches and duplex switches. This panel is designed for use with all Infratech heaters, single or dual element.

  • Compatible with Infratech’s Duplex Stack Switch and Simple On/Off Switch
  • Not compatible with Input Regulator Controls
  • Enables integration of timers and other 120 VAC controls, including smart devices
  • Max 6,000 watts at 240V per contactor
  • Compact design allows for indoor surface or flush mount applications
  • Must be installed by a Licensed Electrician
  • For residential or commercial installations
  • Can be flush mounted (sold separately)
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Benefits of the Contactors Panel are peace of mind in integrating a timer without having to expand your budget on custom dimming panels and controls. As well as the ability to mix and match heaters to be controlled by single switch.

How it Works:

This is a (2) part system that must be ordered a la carte for a complete unit

  • Panel + Switch = Complete Unit
  • Contactor panel must be installed indoors in a dry well-ventilated space
  • Can be surface mount on wall – Comes with a front cover
  • Can be recessed into a wall – access door can be purchased separately

Contactor panel can be ordered as s ingle contactor, or a dual contactor panel and whichever heaters are connected to each contactor will be controlled together.

  • Each contactor in the panel can handle up to 6,000 watts max at 240VAC
  • Wattages do not need to match, but they cannot exceed 6,000 watts.
  • Example: A 4,000 watt Single element heater and a 2,000 watt single element heater can both be controlled at the same time and operate on a single contactor

What’s Included:

Comes with 1 timer per panel

What Will Need To Be Ordered Separately:

Switches are not included. You can order the Infratech on/off or duplex switch we carry or you can use your own their party 120V switch.

  • Purchase an on/off switch for single contactor panels
  • Purchase a duplex switch for dual contactor panels

You will need to purchase a faceplate of your choice, the switches above will only include the guts

You will need to purchase a standard two gang box, this will house both the switch and the timer

If you are recessing the panels into the wall, you will need to purchase the access door separately

Additional information

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CP-6000-1X Single Contactor Panel, CP-12000-2X Dual Contactor Panel

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