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Alternatives to Oven-Roasting your Thanksgiving Turkey

Do you always over roast your Thanksgiving Turkey? Did you know there are other ways to cook your bird?

You can Smoke, Grill, Rotisserie and Deep Fry your Turkey to delectable perfection. You will need a bit of preparation for most of these methods, and almost all of them require special equipment. All except Grilling (unless you are one of the few people who don’t have a BBQ Grill at home, in which case look here to solve that little problem)

Instructions on Grilling a Turkey can be found online in many places, but why not look to the king of the grill at Food Network Bobby Flay. His method for Grilling a Turkey can be found here.  It is not hard and you get to free up all that space in your oven for all of the Thanksgiving Side Dishes.

When it comes to Smoking a Turkey you need of course a Smoker, hardwood chips and plenty of time. Smokers can be either Propane or Charcoal. Smoked turkey is said to be very flavorful. It is recommended that you cook a whole, unstuffed, untrussed turkey at 325° degrees until a meat thermometer inserted in the breast reads 160°. Approx. 3 hours for a 16lb bird.

Deep Frying a Turkey has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. Most people who use this method swear by it. It is however the LEAST safe method, PLEASE KEEP A FIRE EXTINGUISHER AVAILABLE! has a set of instructions, as well as tips and tricks for successfully deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving.

However you decide to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey, have a happy holiday with your friends and family.

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