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Calcana Ceiling Mounted Heater

How “liveable” is your outdoor space? Can you use it all year? Only part of the year? By utilizing your outdoor spaces you are essentially increasing the liveable square footage of your home.

In many parts of the country the weather is such that there is at least 1 if not 2 seasons that you cannot expect to be able to enjoy your patios and decks because it is just too cold.

We keep our patio warm in the winter months with a Calcana Ceiling Mounted Heater.

Some of the features that set this heater apart are:

  • Overhead and Sidewall Mounting capabilities means you don’t lose useable space on your deck or patio.
  • Easy electronic ignition means no pilot light to fuss with, as simple as flipping a switch.
  • High capacity burners heat space more effectively.
  • No glowing parts means more cost-effective, energy is used to create infrared heat and is not wasted creating light.
  • Adjustable heat level, controlled by easily accessible wall mounted control panel.
  • Low clearance to combustibles means that you need less space between your structure and the heater.

The Calcana Heater is a great way to transition you from summer to fall to winter and increase your patio’s “Liveability”. It can provide a soft gentle heat when you are just trying to chase away the nighttime chill and can be turned up to high and keep you toasty warm on very cold winter nights. Contact us to learn more about these great units.

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