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Buyers Guide on the Best Electric Patio Heaters

An electric patio heater from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters can be one of the most valuable appliances for any residential or commercial outdoor space. However, knowing how to choose the best heater for those chilly days and nights can be frustrating. There are so many heating options available, but the Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters team is here to help! 

At Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters, we have over 18 years of experience helping people like you select the perfect heater for your outdoor space with our personalized service and expertise. Since we are based in San Clemente, California, we often consult with individuals and business owners who have outdoor entertainment spaces they need to keep nice and warm. Let us walk you through some of our finest options to help you get started selecting your new patio heater.

Electric Patio Heaters: Convection vs. Infrared

This guide focuses on electric patio heaters. Electric patio heaters are extremely popular and are a phenomenal choice for many people, especially those with solar power. 

Typically, these types of heaters have either infrared or convection technology. The more affordable units tend to be convection heaters; they heat up quickly and make a little more noise. Electric Patio heaters that use infrared technology are usually more expensive upfront, but they run quietly and are very energy efficient. 

Convection and infrared heaters also work in different ways. Convection heaters warm the air while infrared heaters warm objects and people. As a result, infrared heat is not affected by factors like wind. 

Those are the main differences between the types of electric patio heaters. Both types of heaters are also odorless, which is one of the key reasons they are so popular at restaurants and home patios.

Types of Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters come in various styles for different purposes. The types of electric heaters covered in this guide include: 

  • Ceiling & Wall Heaters
  • Garage & Shop Heaters
  • Portable Heaters
  • Industrial Heaters

Electric Patio Heaters

If you have a residential or commercial outdoor entertainment space, you understand how important it is to be able to provide a comfortable temperature for you and your guests. Outdoor living and dining are more popular than ever, and the right electric patio heater can bring the warmth needed on those colder days and evenings.  

Below is a selection of nine premier electric patio heaters ranging from budget-friendly to more advanced. Consider what size space you need to heat and whether you want the unit mounted or freestanding. We have included key features and specifications to help you make the best decision for your electric patio heater.

Budget Friendly Options

Wall Mounted Electric Heater in Black – $155

Aluminum Alloy Housing | Remote Control | Wall Mount Included | IP65 Rated

Specs: 1500 Watts | 110-120 Volts | 60HZ | 8lbs | L 25” H 6” W 4”

This wall-mounted electric patio heater can benefit numerous outdoor spaces. However, because it is wall-mounted, this heater is best for smaller patios or to heat certain sections of the patios closer to where it is mounted. It also can be part of a larger custom configuration of multiple heaters to help with heat uniformity. Overall, this heater is budget-friendly and small, making it easy to install in places where lack of space is an issue.  

Infratech Heat Quartz Radiant Heaters By Infratech W-Series Single Element – $479+

Stylish, Sleek, & Modern | American Made | Pleasant Medium Wave Heat | Energy Efficient | Custom Powder Coated Color Options | UL Listed for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Specs: 1500-4000 Watt Capacities | 1500-4000 BTUs | 120-480 Volts | 6.3-16.6 Amps

This infrared electric patio heater is sleek, energy-efficient, and capable of providing a medium wave of heat for an indoor or outdoor space. This heater can be installed into a wall or ceiling, allowing it to heat various spaces like a home patio, restaurant patio, outdoor bar area, and so much more. This heater is also available in custom powder-coated color options!

Comfort Heat Quartz Radiant Heaters By Infratech W-Series Single Element   – $479+

Eight Colors | Medium Wave Heat | Energy Efficient | 0-60 Degree Mounting Angle

Specs: 1500-4000 Watts | 1500-4000 BTUs | 120-240 Volts | 12-20lbs | 33”-61.25” Lengths

Much like the previous heater, this electric patio heater uses infrared technology to warm an outdoor space. This heater provides an energy-efficient medium wave of heat. However, this heater has a 0 to 60-degree mounting angle as well as eight color options. These factors help make this mounted heater a little more flexible for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. 

Infratech C-Series Single Element Heaters – $508+

Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel | 0 to 60 Degree Mounting Angle | UL Listed for Indoor & Outdoor Use | No Ventilation Required | Sleek Designs & Multiple Finishes | Made in USA | Multiple Models Available

Specs: 1600-4000 Watts | 120v-240v | 6.3-16.7 Amps | 29.5” – 63.5” Lengths

This infrared heater is budget-friendly, commercial-grade, and incredibly slim. These factors allow this heater to warm large spaces while occupying a smaller portion of space within a wall or ceiling. Depending on the model, the length of this heater can vary from 29.5 to 63.5 inches.

Advanced Options

Bromic Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric Heater – $641+

Precise Directional Heating | Single or Double Elements | Black High-Temp Coating | Wireless Control Available | Great Entry Level Heater

Specs: Available in 4000W or 6000W | Heats Up to 144 Square Feet | 19.8/22lbs

The Bromic Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric Heater is an optimal entry-level heater for residential or commercial purposes. When mounted to a ceiling, this heater can provide directional warming for medium to large spaces – up to four 4-person tables in a restaurant setting. This heater also comes with wireless controls, making it simple to operate. 

Infratech WD-Series Dual Element Heaters – $653+

Double the Warmth | High Powered | Warms up Rapidly | Converts over 90% of input energy into radiant heat | Indoor & Outdoor Use | Minimal Maintenance Cost

Specs: 3,000-6,000 Watts | 12.5-25 Amps | 61.25” Length

Heaters from the Infratech WD-series provide high-powered warmth that is quickly available. These heaters convert over 90% of input energy into a wave of infrared heat, rapidly covering an indoor or outdoor space, making these heaters ideal for any area in need of swift heating. For example, a restaurant patio with chilly nightly winds is likely to benefit from an Infratech WD-series heater.

Bromic Tungsten Electric Heater Smart-Heat – $657+

Black or White | Low Intensity Glow | Subtle Ambience | Low Clearances | Spectral Efficient Reflector | Heats up to 160 Square Feet | Easy Set Up

Specs: 2000-6000 Watts | 208-277 Volts | Heats Up to 160 Square Feet

The Bromic Tungsten Electric Heater is an efficient, ceiling-mounted heater. However, this heater’s low-intensity glow is able to warm spaces of up to 160 square feet, providing significant coverage while occupying little space. Available in black or white. 

Infratech CD-Series Dual Element Heaters – $685+

Low Profile | Quartz Element | Double the Warmth | Ideal for Recessed Installations | Custom Powder Coated Color Options | Multiple Models | Made in USA

Specs: 3000-6000 watts | 240 Volts (Other Volts Avail) | 12.5-25 Amps

Heaters from the Infratech CD-Series provide immense warmth with zero noise or odors. In addition, these heaters are low profile, making them ideal for recessed installations in residential or commercial settings. They are made from stainless steel and available in custom powder-coated color options. 

Wall & Ceiling Mounted Heaters (Indoor/Outdoor)

If your indoor or outdoor space requires a wall or ceiling mounting, there are many fantastic heating options for you. Whether you need an electric heater for a gazebo or an open or enclosed patio, Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters has options! In addition to wattage needs, there are aesthetics to consider. You can choose from different colors and finishes to suit your style. Take a look at these four carefully selected heaters that we think would fit your needs:

Budget Friendly Options

Electric Gazebo Patio Heater in Black – Only $150

Electric Ceiling Heater | Single Halogen Tube | 3 Heat Settings | Remote Control | IP55 Rated

Specs: 1500 Watts | 120 Volts | 10lbs | 17”x17”x10”

This electric gazebo patio heater is a fantastic option for smaller spaces. It is budget-friendly, hangs from the ceiling, and provides the warmth needed while enjoying a day or evening in a modest gazebo. Available in black. 

Aura Carbon CF15120 | CF30240B – $378/$488

Very Strong Heat | Low Light | Hand Held Remote | Simple Install | 6 Heat Levels | Aesthetically Pleasing | IP65 Rated | Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Brackets Included

Specs: CF15120 (1500W | 120V) CF30240B (3000W | 240V)

The Aura Carbon is one of the best ceiling/wall-mounted heaters on a budget. It is a strong heat source that is easy to install, sleek, low light, and takes up little space. This heater also comes with a handheld remote, making it easy to operate and control the multiple heat levels. 

Advanced Options

Infratech Comfort Heat Quartz Radiant Heaters SL-Series Single Element – Starts at $604

Slimline & Modern | Available in Silver or Black | INFRATUBE Radiant Technology | Durable Anodized Aluminum Housing | American Made | 10 Models Available

Specs: 1600W-4000W | 120-240V | 29.5”- 63.5” Length options

Heaters from the Infratech Comfort Heat Quartz SL-Series are slim and modern looking. The INFRATUBE technology helps distribute heat evenly in chilly outdoor spaces. This series has ten available models, depending on the different lengths. Available in silver or black. 

Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric II | Black or White – Starts at $1145

Tinted Ceramic Screen | Ultra-thin Style | Brushed Stainless Steel | Water & Wind Resistant | Can Use with Smart Control Systems

Specs: 2300W SERIES (230-240V/9.6A) | 3400W SERIES (230-240V/14.2A)

Although the Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric II Heater is one of the more expensive options, it is an optimal choice for its price point. This Bromic heater is sleek, ultra-thin, water and wind-resistant, and able to efficiently heat larger areas. This heater can cover areas of up to 108 square feet. Plus, if multiple heaters from this series are installed in an outdoor patio area, they can all be controlled from one remote. Available in black or white.

Garage & Shop Heaters (Indoor/Outdoor)

f your indoor or outdoor space requires a wall or ceiling mounting, there are many fantastic heating options for you. Whether you need an electric heater for a gazebo or an open or enclosed patio, Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters has options! In addition to wattage needs, there are aesthetics to consider. You can choose from different colors and finishes to suit your style. Take a look at these four carefully selected heaters that we think would fit your needs:

Budget Friendly Options

HIL-1531 Dual Bulb Wall Mount Infrared Heat Lamp – $190

Indoor/Outdoor Use | IP55 Rated | Safety Anti-Tilt Switch | Fits 120v Cord | Remote Control Included | 8ft Power Cord | Two Heat Settings

Specs: 900 or 1500 Watts | Fits 120 Volt Cord | 11lbs | 22”L x 4”W x 10”H

The HI-1531 Dual Bulb Wall Mount Infrared Heat Lamp is a budget-friendly heater featuring two glowing heat bulbs along with two heat settings. In addition, this wall-mounted heater is remote-controlled and comes with an 8ft power cord as well as an anti-tilt switch, making one of the safer options available. 

Advanced Options

MUL-T-MOUNT Sterling Silver Infrared 2 Lamp Series – $630+

Overhead Heater for Snow & Ice Control | Outdoor Spot Heating | All Indoor Applications | UL Listed for Suspended Totally Exposed (Outdoor) & High Bay (Indoor) Comfort Heating | Durable in Harsh Environments

Specs: 3.2-7.3KW | 208-480 Volts | 10,922-24,915 BTUs | 28 Models Available

The MUL-T-MOUNT Sterling Silver Infrared 2 Lamp series is an ideal heating option for controlling ice and snow, outdoor spot heating, or numerous indoor applications. This heater is incredibly durable, even in harsh atmospheres or outdoor environments. For example, this heater is great for helping to keep snow and ice from piling up in outdoor working areas or in front of doors.  

Portable Electric Heaters Indoor/Outdoor

If you are in the market for a portable electric heater for your home or business, there are several factors to consider. There is a wide variety of portable electric heaters available. If you are in a residential environment, then a smaller size with safety features is going to be a great start for you. If you require a portable electric heater for more commercial or industrial use, then a high-powered mobile unit on wheels may better suit your needs. Take a look below and see the features and specifications to narrow down the right heater for your home or business:

Budget Friendly Options

Fan Forced Milkhouse Style Heater – Only $97

Entry Level Portable Heater with a Temperature Control Thermostat | Triple Safety System with a Tip Over Switch

Specs: 1300W &1500W Setting | 5,120 BTUs | 120 Volts | 188 TASA | 10”Hx9.5”D

The Fan Forced MilkHouse Style Heater is a smaller heater that offers convection heat from a fan. This heater is highly portable and requires little space for travel. It also features a triple safety system. This heater is a wonderful option for travelers looking to heat small spaces, especially on a campground – as long as there is a power source available. 

Construction Site/Utility Fan Forced Heater ICH-240C – $179

Steel Tubular Heating Element with a Temperature Control Thermostat

Specs: 4000/3000 Watts | 13,648 Max BTUs | Operates on 240 or 208 Volts | 15 lbs

This Construction Site/Utility Fan Forced Heater is a durable heater that is optimal for commercial use, especially on construction sites. This heater can help make work areas more comfortable while standing up to everyday wear and tear and constant transport. 

Advanced Options

Black Powder Coated Steel Telescoping Offset Pole Mounted Infrared Patio Heater – $299

Patented Heater That Runs on Household Electric Current | Operates At 90% Heating Efficiency | Much More Economic to Run than a Propane Heater | Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use | ON/OFF Toggle Switch | Unit Comes with Wheels for Mobility | Cover is Included

Specs: 1500 Watt | 120V AC | 12.5 amps | 45lbs

This telescoping infrared heater is highly mobile and incredibly efficient. This heater operates at 90% heating efficiency, which keeps it from wasting power. It is also more cost-effective than a propane heater and can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. Whether for a restaurant patio, construction site, or backyard deck, this heater can help make nearly any chilly space more comfortable. 

Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander with Cord – $1044

Odorless & Flameless Electric Alternative with a Safety Yellow Heater Enclosure with Safety Screens on Both Sides | Long-life Finned Tubular Heating Elements | Fan Only Switch | 10” Wheels | Thermostat 40-100F Degrees

Specs: 10KW | 34,130 BTUs | 240 Volt | 42 Amps | Phase 1 | 60lbs

The Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander is a fan-forced electric heater, making it an odorless and flameless alternative to a propane-powered heater. It is available in yellow, making it highly visible in most settings. In addition, this heater is made to be highly durable and mobile. 

Industrial Electric Heaters (Indoor/Outdoor)

If you are shopping for an industrial heater for your warehouse or industrial facility, choosing an electric heater from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters is an innovative way to have safer heating outdoors and indoors. It is crucial to have a heater that can more safely operate in hazardous or extreme conditions in an industrial environment. Let’s look at a range of heavy-duty industrial electric heaters that can provide the heat and safety features you require.

First, we will look at a couple of entry-level options that are more budget-friendly. Then, we will go through a few more advanced options that may have additional specifications you need for your industrial space.

Budget Friendly Options

Mul-T-Mount Brown Enamel Mount Infrared 2 Lamp Series – Starts at $551.68

Great For Snow & Ice Control | Outdoors & Indoor Applications | Brown Enamel Finish

Specs: 3.2-7.3KW | 10,922-24,915 BTUs | 208-480 volts |  20lbs

The Mul-T-Mount Infrared 2 Lamp series is another budget-friendly electric heater for more industrial purposes. This heater is optimal for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, it excels in controlling build-ups of ice and snow. This heater can help provide the warmth to keep cold areas warmer and help prevent ice and snow in the immediate area. Available in a brown enamel finish.

Advanced Options

Heatwave Wall/Ceiling Mount Electric Salamander YES – Starts at $1276.16

Odorless & Flameless Electric Alternative | Safety Yellow Heater Enclosure with Safety Screens on Both Sides | Mount Included | Fan Only Switch

Specs: 15-30KW | 51,195-102,390 BTUs | 208-480 Volts | 18-63 Amps | 60-72lbs

Like other members of the HeatWave Electric Salamander series of heaters, this convection heater features a high-powered fan in a bright yellow enclosure, which helps project warm air into cool areas. This highly durable heater can be mounted on either a wall or ceiling. 

Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander 153k BTU – $3495.04

Fantastic For Indoor Use as Safe Odorless & Flameless Electric Alternative | Assists Dry Time

Specs: 45KW | 153,585 BTUs | 480 Volts | 3 Phase | 54.2 Amps | 120lbs

The Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander is another yellow, fan-forced heater. However, this heater’s resilient wheels make it easy to move around. As a result, it can be used for a number of indoor and outdoor applications, from warehouses to construction sites. This heater is especially beneficial for helping dry paint or other items that require drying. 

Why Choose Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters? 

Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters is a leading provider of quality electric patio heaters for various purposes and price points. Some of our electric heaters are more suited to residential use, while others, like our construction site – utility fan-forced heater, are better suited for use by commercial businesses. In either case, our website is home to a multitude of high-quality electric patio heaters and more. Our heaters can help keep cool spaces warmer, and in many cases, they provide some extra benefits. Our team is knowledgeable about all of the quality products we sell. Contact us today for more information on any of our electric heaters!    

In Summary

The electric heaters from Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters can make numerous commercial and residential spaces more comfortable. For example, ceiling-mounted heaters like the Aura Carbon are ideal for more extensive outdoor patios, especially for restaurants with customers who enjoy their outdoor atmosphere. In contrast, freestanding heaters are often more appropriate for cozier spaces like a backyard deck. However, for more commercial needs, heaters like the Heatwave Portable Electric Salamander can easily be transported and set up wherever needed, while the Heatwave Ceiling-Mounted Salamander can be installed to keep industrial settings comfortable for workers. At Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters, we have many options to help fit whatever needs our customers may have!

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When it comes to electric heaters, there are dozens of options, including the Electric Gazebo Patio Heater. We at Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters hope this guide has helped you find a heater that fits your residential or commercial needs. To learn more about electric patio heaters and their options or place an order, contact us today!

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