Common Outdoor Patio Heater Problems and Parts Selection

Stand-up outdoor patio heater gas burner viewIt is fast becoming winter, and it’s time to get out the patio heaters, dust them off, and turn them on for patio heating comfort well into the evening hours. Hopefully, you had covers on your outdoor patio heaters during the summer months to protect your units from needing yearly service. The insulated canvas is great for keeping dust, insects, and varmints out. However, most outdoor natural gas and propane heaters will still need some parts replaced to keep them burning hot, efficient, and clean.

Each patio heating season, the consistent use of your units in cooler evenings can wear out the igniters, switches, valves, and regulators. Thankfully, you have a resource full of patio heater parts to keep your units running strong year after year. Continue reading

Buying the Right Propane Shop Heater for Your Garage/Warehouse

mr heater spot heater for garagesAs a leading provider of heaters for commercial and residential uses, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how do I know which propane or gas shop heater to buy for my space? Whenever we get this kind of question, we respond with a variety of questions to help you make an educated decision. If you are in the market of a shop heater for your garage or warehouse, consider these questions as a way to help guide you to the right product for your needs. Continue reading

Now Offering Outdoor Heater Repairs, Servicing & Installations!

Advanced Systems Company has added two new services for our patio heaters division. We are now providing outdoor heater repair and installation services. This means when you shop around on, every patio heater model and brand that is available for sale, you can count on us to install them at your home or business.

Our main patio heater service center is located at our Chino, CA warehouse, and our trained technicians can install electric, natural and propane gas heaters. We have prepared our technicians to Continue reading

How Much Extra Revenue Do Patio Heaters Provide Restaurants?

In the dining hospitality business, every seat is a potential source of revenue. That is why it is important to invest in certain accommodations to lengthen the usability of your outdoor spaces. For example, when a restaurant, bar or hotel provides patio heaters, it creates a warmer environment for patrons even when outdoor temperatures are chilly. The same can be said for outdoor patio misting systems when temperatures reach uncomfortably warm levels.

It is an important point to make your patrons comfortable. Making smart investments in outdoor patio heating and cooling, as well as the layout of the space, can directly translate into serious revenue for your business. Say that each patron spends an average of $25 per stay and that you have six tables that seat four on your patio. Since temperatures fluctuate, and some guests may not want to dine outdoors, it will be rare that you have full capacity. During the winter months, most places are usually at no more than half capacity. During the length of the winter season (90 days), you could see more than $1,000,000 profit.

By turning on your infrared wall- or ceiling-mount heaters, you create a private and warm dining experience for your patrons. Imagine if your table turns sat more people than in the example figure.  This is how much revenue your restaurant could be missing out on by not providing outdoor patio heaters!

Which Type of Patio Heater is Best for My Restaurant?

Most restaurant managers see great success with the wall- or ceiling-mount patio heaters, while others enjoy the convenience of a portable natural gas or propane stand-up heater. All three platforms are available in natural gas, propane gas and electric heat sources. The latest in infrared heating technology is also quite economical for outdoor dining areas. No matter what your preference is, there is a heating solution to extend the use and enjoyment of your outdoor dining space.

We are here to help you choose the electric or natural gas patio heater for your hospitality business. Give us a call at 760.779.1352 or fill out an online support ticket, and we can direct you to which models ship for free!

Introducing a New Line of Outdoor Heaters for Winter Use

Halloween is just around the corner, and shortly after that is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. All these great family and friend gatherings often overflow to backyard spaces and outdoor living areas. You need an outdoor heater that will keep you warm and comfortable for all types of activities.

If you are unfamiliar with the trends in outdoor heating, let us enlighten you on some of the latest technology available on the market. Electric-powered heaters are economical and provide a steady temperature for smaller areas. Gas-powered heating elements can heat up larger spaces, but it can cost more with continued use. Some also find that this option does not provide as consistent of temperature found with the electric versions. Infratech electric heaters use infrared technology to heat up faster and disperse the warm air for more coverage at a fraction of the cost. It is economical and efficient for sports stadiums, restaurant patios, outdoor bar spaces, shopping areas, and more. Continue reading

Questions We Ask to Help You Narrow Your Patio Heater Selection

Close up view of gas-fired outdoor patio heater

Sunny Southern California is gorgeous all year round, but other states are not as fortunate as we are. If you love the outdoors like we do, it can get a bit chilly on the patio or on the restaurant outdoor seating areas. We have some fabulous patio heaters that can keep you and your customers warm in the evening hours.

We get asked daily by customers about which heater is best for them and how to make a smart decision of a patio heater for their needs. Our standard answer is a series of question that helps us understand their needs and accessible power sources for their heaters.

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It’s one thing to heat residential patios or other small, concentrated areas.  In such cases gas outdoor patio heaters such as the Electric Heater, Energy Efficient Space Heaters, or even a Portable Propane Heater should do the trick.  But what if the space you’re heating is the size of a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or even an aircraft hangar?  That’s far too big of an area for smaller a typical Garage Heater to cover.  It’s not easy warming up such hard to heat spaces, and as you might imagine it’s not cheap either.  Commercial tube heaters, however, are making it possible for business owners to pipe in heat in an effective and economical way.

When you think of commercial tube heaters, think of the concept of the sun warming the earth.  Believe it or not they operate on the same principle, and here’s how.  With tube heaters heat is delivered to the floor zone, not the ceiling.  As the source of heat reaches the floor level it is absorbed by everything there, including floors, machinery, fixtures, etc.   Because the difference between the floor and ceiling temperature is lower than with conventional air systems, heat loss is diminished, and  as a result so are your heating bills.  But enough of the science lesson, let’s get on to the important stuff.  Namely, how much can you save?

Studies show that commercial tube heaters can reduce your heating bill by as much as 20%-50%.  Exactly how much you’ll save depends on a number of variables, but this means that over the course of a few short years a system such as this can pay for itself.  In a business that incurs many different types of overhead, the amount of savings provided by this type of heating system can be quite significant.

Tube heaters are very easy to install and require very little maintenance.  In addition, their compact size allows for placement in small, hard to heat areas as well as larger spaces.  From plants and warehouses to loading docks, garages, machine shops and beyond, hard to heat industrial areas of all kinds can benefit from this economical and efficient way of heating.  Though there are many types of heaters to choose from, quiet, draft free heat and the savings that go with it suggest a unique opportunity that business owners of all stripes are warming up to.



Gas prices.  Two words that can strike fear in even the healthiest of wallets, and in ways we might have previously never imagined.  Residential outdoor heating is one such example.  While different types of gas outdoor patio heaters including the Infrared Heater and Propane Heaters for outdoor areas can bring ample heat to your backyard entertaining, there is a more cost effective way.  The Electric Heater is revolutionizing outdoor patio heating by bringing the convenience of a Portable Heater together with reduced energy costs.

The convenience of electric heaters is a byproduct of their smaller size, which make them perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  The ability to be used indoors makes them a viable alternative or supplement to a smaller Garage Heateras well.  Available with movable mounting brackets, they can be permanently installed, eliminating the need for storage and maintenance.  And because they run on regular household currents, getting your new unit up and running is literally as easy as plugging in.  For the technically uninclined among us, such ease of use is a welcome feature.  Electric heaters also produce a  clean and odorless heat, sparing users from the types of fumes sometimes associated with gas or propane heaters.

The beauty of the electric heater is that it is a born conservationist with a built-in tendency to save resources.  It creates a heat that is naturally drawn to the objects surrounding it, minimizing the amount of heat that wanders off into the surrounding air and goes unused.  The result is a heater that wastes precious little time going from zero to one hundred percent capacity in mere seconds.  Best of all, operating costs across the board have proven to be a fraction of those produced by propane patio heaters.

Electric units operate at a 90% energy conversion rate, and studies show they produce just 1/10 the energy costs of LPG, or natural gas, Heaters.  Those numbers translate to real savings, and a warm feeling in your bank account as well as on your patio.  While the type of heater one purchases is a matter of personal taste and need, cost conscious consumers now have the choice to keep the heat up and costs down.  Simply put, when searching for patio heaters it pays to go electric.

Our Commercial or Industrial Heater Buyer’s Guide

Commercial heaters come in all sorts of sizes, settings and heating source types.

We can help you determine the right industrial heating option for your job site. Industrial heaters come in all ranges of BTUs, so we will assist you in calculating how to efficiently heat your desired space to heat. Numbers to consider is the area of your space and the range of BTUs necessary to heat your structure.

Whole Foods Palm Desert - Schwank Group Heaters Continue reading

Narrowing Patio Heater Options with These Purchase Factors

It is pleasant to sit outside in the cooler months and enjoy outdoor patio spaces with our loved ones. Some of the best investments you can purchase to extend entertaining time on your patios include outdoor heaters, BBQ grills and fire pits. All of these help keep you and your loved ones warm and comfortable in the colder months.

There are patio heaters out there that are highly functional and dependable. Let us be the first to tell you some models on the market that are clearly the wrong choice for your needs. They will not enhance your outdoor living space. Here at Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters by Advanced Systems Company, our experts want to share their insights on heater selection and determining factors of which heater style is best for your needs.


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