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Narrowing Patio Heater Options with These Purchase Factors

It is pleasant to sit outside in the cooler months and enjoy outdoor patio spaces with our loved ones. Some of the best investments you can purchase to extend entertaining time on your patios include outdoor heaters, BBQ grills and fire pits. All of these help keep you and your loved ones warm and comfortable in the colder months.

There are patio heaters out there that are highly functional and dependable. Let us be the first to tell you some models on the market that are clearly the wrong choice for your needs. They will not enhance your outdoor living space. Here at Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters by Advanced Systems Company, our experts want to share their insights on heater selection and determining factors of which heater style is best for your needs.


There are so many options to consider when making the perfect investment in a patio heater. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself.

  • Do I need an electric infrared heater?
  • Should I go with propane stand up style?
  • What are the benefits of a wall mounted natural gas heater?

If you are left scratching your head wondering which option to buy, let us help you. Check out our follow up questions to each patio heater type.


When you’re considering electric outdoor heaters, we always ask this first question: How much power do you have available in your electric power panel? This will determine the amount of heaters and power we have to work with to heat your space.

Voltage is another determining factor when considering electric heaters. If you’re thinking about a 115V heater, here are some facts to consider. When considering 115V heaters, you’re very limited to the amount of heat they produce. You can expect 1500 watts, 15 amps and about 5000 BTU, which in all is not much heat output. We find this option suitable for a work bench space, and it will do a fair job in a small area or enclosed room. It is not enough heat for a patio table or average seating area.

When you have the need for good, strong heat such as a 12 feet by 12 feet area, you need high voltage such as 208 or 240V with 20 to 30 amps per heater available in your service panel. If you are seeking this type of heating output, you will find more heater styles available, including flush mounted heaters that blend in well with their surroundings. You also have more heater control options such as remote controlled ones that allow you to control your heaters from anywhere at any time.

While electric heaters are more cost effective than gas heaters for the wall-mount or ceiling mount consoles, you will find that these heater styles can be bit more to operate in most cases. A benefit to electric patio heaters is their space saving design because they can be mounted much closer to the ceiling, and are in most cases, more attractive in design.

As an expert in installing and selling outdoor heaters for more than 20 years, we find that electric infrared heaters feel hotter than gas fired heaters with more BTUs. If you have the available power in your electric panel, we highly recommend this patio heating source.


There are several styles and models of gas heaters, and we can tell you a few facts about them to help with your decision. Most all natural and propane gas heaters have ceramic burners that heat and burn hot with an orange glow that reflects the heat out. This is known as infrared heating. It heats objects, not the air. Some say it acts like the sun.

Our favorite ceramic heaters are:

  • DSCS RE-VERBER-RAY – This model has an attractive design aesthetic with two heat ranges. You will also find that this model is the lowest price for this style of any infrared natural or propane gas heater
  • SUNPAK – All models from Sunpak also have desirable designs, but their competitive advantage is their optional face plates in black, bronze and stainless. You will also find two heat ranges with these options, and the TSR SUNPAK that offers a high and low heat range. Click here to view a video of the great benefits Sunpak has!

Another style gas heater is the tube heater. These types of patio heaters feature a flame box that heats a long steel tube which reflects heat. It is built just like a ceramic heater, but the advantage of this option is wind and inclement weather will not affect this kind of heater’s output. There is also no open flame, so fire danger chances are lower because the clearance from combustibles is significantly reduced.

Our favorite style of tube heaters is the Calcana infrared collection. These patio heaters have modulating heat ranges, so you can set the temps anywhere you like. This model comes in five- or 10-feet high output models and 11 to 21 feet modulating heaters. Calcana heaters are quite classy looking despite their large size. These work best in large patio structures like those found in restaurant patios and walkways for outdoor shopping centers.

We are here for you if you have any questions in choosing and installing a patio heater for your needs. Our inventory is extensive and affordable for all sized budgets and spaces. Reach a representative today by phone at 760.779.1352. You can also request more information with our online form!

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