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Calcana Heaters

Overhead Heater, Building, Warehouse, Bar, Patio Heater

Calcana heaters make heating indoor and outdoor spaces easy for both residential and commercial customers.

Calcana HeatersCalcana overhead heaters have become one of the favorite products on our website, and with good reason. You’ll find these great overhead heating products used in warehouses and as building heaters, as garage heaters and in home workshops, on patios at restaurants and bars and more. Why Calcana heaters? Because these amazing products actually heat objects in the space they are used in rather than the air itself. This not only makes for warmer conditions but also allows their heaters to consume 30 – 40% less fuel than forced air heaters. Feel warmer and more comfortable in your outdoor space and add living space to your home by making your garage a fun and functional place to spend time and get things done.

Calcana shop heaters and garage heaters come in a variety of options and offer all of the great qualities you desire.

  • PH-40-HO and PH-75-HO models available
  • Infrared, gas-fired heaters
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet in operation
  • Perfect for garages and hobby shops
  • Used as building heaters to warm commercial facilities
  • Used by restaurants and bars to keep patio areas warm

Calcana overhead heaters can add value to your home, as potential homebuyers will love the prospect of a heated garage or workspace. And because they can vent either through the roof or through the wall they are very easy systems to install. Of course homes aren’t the only place you’ll find Calcana products. Businesses looking to keep warehouses warm, restaurants with patios and other commercial clients find these products to be extremely effective additions to their commercial spaces.

Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters is proud to offer Calcana garage heaters to our clients. Check them out today on our website, and keep things warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

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Calcana Infrared Commercial Heating Systems

Calcana Infrared Marine Grade 316 - High Output Series
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Calcana Infrared Patio Heating Systems
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Calcana Garage/ Shop Heaters
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