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Infratech C-Series Single Element Heaters Motif Collection

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Comes standard in 240V. Available in 208V 220V and 480V Upon Request.

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Made in the USA


1=Contemporary  2=Craftsman  3=Mediterranean  4=Traditional

  • For Residential or Commercial Use
  • Decorative Fascia
  • 39″ Length x 8″ Width or 61 1/4″ Length x 8″ Width 
  • 6″ Stainless Steel Mounting Kit Included
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel, Available in Black or Stainless Steel
  • UL Listed for Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • Quartz Element with Approximately 5,000 Hours of Use
  • Mounting Height: 7′ to 9′
  • 0 to 60° Mounting Angle
  • Approximate 6′ x 6′ Heat Coverage for 39″ and 8′ x 8′ Heat Coverage for 61 1/4″
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Clean Energy for Continuous Use
  • Energy Efficient

Infratech quartz elements provide pleasant medium wave heat. Competing heaters utilize shortwave quartz elements that produce more intense heat and emit a very bright, harsh-colored light. By contrast, Infratech medium wave elements effectively heat your space, while providing a soft, warm glow that is practically unnoticeable.

Infratech redesigned MOTIF Collection Heaters an excellent choice for most basic installations that require cost-effective controls. C-Series heaters are available in a variety of wattages and voltages ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 watts and 208 to 480 volts. These classic heaters feature sleek profiles, short standoffs, low clearance heights, and a beautiful contemporary fascia. The contemporary fascia has been designed to add visual interest to any modern structure. Whether it be a home or commercial building. It is inspired by the clean lines and iconic forms of the minimalist, modern, and mid-century aesthetic traditions.

Infratech elements are rated for near 5,000 hours of continuous use. In many cases, you will find yourself enjoying your heater for years before a replacement would be necessary. Always refer to the C-Series manual for specific instructions and be sure to disconnect the power to your heater before attempting to change an element.  

Additional information


39", 61-1/4"


2000 Watts, 2500 Watts, 3000 Watts, 4000 Watts


Black, Stainless Steel

Choose Model

C2024SS1 39" 2000 WATT (Stainless Steel), C2024BL1 39" 2000 WATT (Black), C2524SS1 39" 2500 WATT (Stainless Steel), C2524BL1 39" 2500 WATT (Black), C3024SS1 61-1/4" 3000 WATT (Stainless Steel), C3024BL1 61-1/4"" 3000 WATT (Black), C4024SS1 61-1/4" 4000 WATT (Stainless Steel), C4024BL1 61-1/4"" 4000 WATT (Black)


Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean, Traditional

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