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Propane Patio Heaters

Our stand up propane heaters come with a wide range of options including portable propane heaters for indoor and outdoor areas!

Our propane patio heaters are energy efficient, and adhere to strict safety standards. Our garage propane heaters work great to heat your workshop evenly, with indoor and outdoor patio areas covered easily, with the convenience that portable LP gas and ventless units can offer.

We have wall–mounted models that work in any outdoor environment safely. We have indoor and outdoor portable propane heaters, as well as highly efficient propane tower heaters, space heaters for patio areas and many more.

Need help decide on the best propane patio heater for your backyard patio or outdoor restaurant eating area? Call our resident expert Mike on (760) 779-1352.

Patio Heater Discount Coupons

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SKU Product name   Price  
HLDS01-CG- 87" Tall Hammered Bronze or Silver Patio Heater with Table
  • $299.00
63010 Ash and Stainless Steel Finish Patio Heater - Fire Sense
  • $259.00
63008 Aged Chestnut Finish Patio Heater - Fire Sense
  • $259.00
-61436 Stainless Steel Pro Series Patio Heater - Fire Sense
  • $449.00
HLDS01-GTHG-A Hiland Bronze Glass Tube Patio Heater (HLDS01-GTHG-A)
  • $499.00
  • 9% off
  • $1149.00
SGL35 SunStar GLASS Only 4 left in stock
  • $1250.00
PH40HO Calcana Infrared Patio Heater - PH40HO (5 feet)
  • 21% off
  • $2095.00
PH75HO Calcana Infrared Patio Heater - PH75HO (10 feet)
  • 19% off
  • $2795.00
PH-40HO-M Calcana Infrared Marine Grade 316 - High Output Series
  • $2300.00
BH0210002-1 Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Heater
  • $1230.00
BH0110002-1LP Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Gas Heater
  • $1590.00
BH0510001- Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat Gas Heating Portable Radiant Infrared Patio/Garden/Commercial Outdoor Heater, 38500 BTU
  • $1750.00
SunPak Natural Gas SunPak Classic Nat Gas or Propane S-25 & S-34 Heater
  • $1559.00
S34-TSR SunPak TSR TWO STAGE Gas Patio Heater
  • $1856.00
S34-TSH S34-TSH SUNPAK Two Stage Hard-wired Nat Gas or Liquid Propane Patio Heater
  • $1856.00
2135 Schwank Bistro bistroSchwank
  • $1962.00
MO-2152 Schwank bistro two stage Heater
  • $2379.00
SchwankSupremeSeries SupremeSchwank
  • $2179.00
SKU771 parasolSchwank
  • $825.00
A270BK_ Sunglo Portable Heaters
  • $1537.00
A244MAN_ Sunglo Gas Hanging Heater
  • $1169.00
PC02-JVS_ Patio Comfort LP Patio Heater
  • $503.00
PC02CAB Patio Comfort PC02CAB Vintage Custom Heater
  • $895.00
Items: 124 of 39