Heater Selection Guide

You have an outdoor space you really enjoy, but you wish you could get more use out of it in the colder months. You can! Whether you have a deck or patio at your home or a restaurant with a dining patio, it makes perfect sense to extend the use of these areas.

Unlike a furnace that heats your home, patio heaters are not designed to maintain a specific temperature. They are concentrated producers of heat designed to alleviate the cold, or “take the chill out of the air”.

There are many types and brands of patio heaters available on the market. Here at GasOutdoorPatioHeaters.com, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive selection of outdoor heaters on the market. We offer natural gas, propane, and electric heaters. We have wall/ceiling mount heaters, as well as portable and table top heaters. We have experts trained in determining what type and style is ideal for your outdoor heating needs.

We know with so many options and variations, it is easy to get overwhelmed. So we have created the following guide to help you be on your way to a warm patio.

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Propane Tank Top Heaters

Portable heaters are a great way to warm things up when you are away from home. Whether you like to R.V., tailgate, camp or just have to haul the kids to the sports field every Saturday.

Tank top heater utilize a standard propane tank and are very effective at providing concentrated heat.

There are 3 different models of tank top heater, with one, two, or three burners depending on how large an are you are trying to heat.

We have customers who use these at the R.V park, at the horse arena  and at the campground. One of the best features is how small & lightweight they are.

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How to Increase Your Restaurant or Bar’s Holiday Business

It is fast becoming the holiday season, and some restaurants and bars suffer attendance due to increased family festivities at home. Last month, you had Halloween festivities on your side to keep your business buzzing with new customers. With the upcoming holidays, how can you keep your business consistent with new and repeat customers? Let us help you by asking the following questions!

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Glass Flame Patio Heaters

Glass flame heaters have become increasingly popular over the last few years. First making an appearance in the hospitality industry, residential customers soon began requesting them for their home patios. It is not hard to see why these eye catching heaters would be desirable. The have many features business and homeowners alike are drawn to. The sleek design is contemporary and the visible dancing flame is mesmerizing.

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Prepare for Your Heating Needs Before Thanksgiving!

Does the fall season entail more family gatherings for you? For many households, spending time with family on the patio is a regular occasion, from gathering for traditional Sunday lunches to feasting on Thanksgiving dinner, to simply enjoying the cooler weather or watching an outdoor game of football. Evenings are getting chillier as we transition into fall and winter, so it is only appropriate that you are prepared with a portable patio heater to provide adequate heat for your outdoor guests!

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